Campus Services Adapt to COVID-19

How are campus services overcoming COVID-related obstacles? To investigate, contributing writer Libby Cobera ’24 conducted various interviews with essential contributors to COVID-19 related needs. 

Campus Safety and Security

“Before COVID, I wasn’t so concerned about medical safety protocols. Now, we have to put all of these policies together.”

Read the full interview with Mr. Luis Garcia, director of campus safety and security.


Dining Services

“Right now we have had to just produce massive amounts of food. So, my role has really changed from an educational producer to just a pure producer.”

Read the full interview with Mr. Mike Webster, general manager of Dining Services.


Edsel Ford Memorial Library

“For the first time we are testing out a virtual library and every Sunday night, one of us is going to be the virtual person and anybody –– faculty, staff, students –– can contact us between 7 and 10 p.m.”

Read the full interview with Ms. Joan Baldwin, interim director of the Edsel Ford Memorial Library.



It’s our duty, aside from people to wear their masks, to keep things clean, and that’s really essential.

Read the full interview with Ms. Rebecca Curtis, housekeeping supervisor.


Post Office

“The pandemic has reinforced the need for the post office as a means of communication with the outside world.”

Read the full interview with Ms. Brenda Cudney, supervisor of the Post Office.