The Hotchkiss Record

Singer Travis Scott performs live in concert in 2019.

Astroworld: A Tragedy and Reminder for the Future

Sophie Elliott ’24, Contributing Writer December 10, 2021

Long lines, commerce, and frenzy are all part of the aesthetic sensibility of large music festivals, and yet, the darker side to these seemingly innocuous discomforts has been proved time and time again....

Arts Opinion: NFTs Transform the Art World

Holden Burns ’25, Contributing Writer December 10, 2021

Would you buy rights to a piece of digital artwork for upwards of a thousand dollars? Many enthusiastic lovers of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, would. In the past few years, pieces have sold for varying...

Meet Calliope and Bluenotes

Meet Calliope and Bluenotes

Yixi Zou ’25, Staff Writer December 7, 2021

Calliope and Bluenotes are the school’s two a cappella groups, each consisting of approximately 20 singers. Calliope is all-female while Bluenotes is all-male. Both groups hold auditions during the beginning...

Luke Louchheim ’22 poses with his design.

AOI: Luke Louchheim ’22

Giulia Hurlock ’23, Contributing Writer November 12, 2021

Luke Louchheim, a three-year Senior from Sagaponack, NY,  took Architecture during his Upper Mid year and now takes Honors Studio Art Portfolio. He is also a Proctor in Wieler.    What first made...

Haylna Hutchins was a rising cinematographer.

Tragedy on Film Set Raises Questions

Naima Johnson ’24, Contributing Writer November 12, 2021

“Hollywood movies love using fake versions of real things for everything, except guns.” The sentiments in this quote from Trevor Noah have become more prominent with the growing controversy surrounding...

Meet Right Brain Logic

Meet Right Brain Logic

Taylor Hemelt ’23 , Contributing Writer November 10, 2021

Right Brain Logic, the school’s jazz ensemble, is made up of approximately  20 student musicians every year. The jazz ensemble practices twice a week and performs twice a year in Elfers Hall, with some...

Student Vocal Recitals

November 9, 2021

Please watch the Student Voice Recital using the link below. Voice Studio Recital on Livestream On Friday, October 29, the Voice Studio Recital showcased a total of 12 students who sang both...

Aurora Smedvig ’22 works on her paintings in the Art Studio.

AOI: Aurora Smedvig ’22

Ava Howard ’23 , Contributing Writer October 28, 2021

Aurora Smedvig ’22, a four-year Senior from West Stockbridge, MA is a four-year Studio Art student, a board member of the Art Club, and also a head of the Dance Club.   What motivates you to keep...

Mr. Craig Bradley stands with the four faculty chair recipients.

Meet the 2021 Faculty Chairs

Angela Li ’24 and Yixi Zou ’25, Contributing Writers October 26, 2021

Faculty Chairs, consisting of permanent and term chairs, are awarded annually to outstanding members of the faculty. A permanent chair, such as the Geroge P. Milmine chair, lasts throughout the faculty...

Arts Opinion: Inspiration vs. Appropriation

Tarapu Pyo ’24 , Staff Writer October 26, 2021

From numerous copyright lawsuits in the music industry to countless design thefts in the fashion industry, the art world has become notorious for its many cases of plagiarism. Oftentimes, when artists...

The crowd applauds after Chen and Langs performance.

Artist of the Issue: Oliver Chen ’22

Eleanor Kristan ’25 and Yixi Zou ’25, Contributing Writers October 15, 2021

Oliver Chen ’22, a three-year Senior from Nanjing, China, studies piano and is a Co-Head of Songs for Smiles. He received the 2020-2021 Upper Mid Music Prize.  What first introduced you to piano? When...

Zhang was awarded the Upper Mid Music Prize along with Chen.

Artist of the Issue: Kenny Zhang ’22

Yixi Zou ’25, Contributing Writer October 15, 2021

Kenny Zhang ’22, a three-year Senior from Tianjin, China, studies piano and is a co-head of Songs for Smiles. He received an Upper Mid Music Prize for 2020-2021.  What motivates you to keep exploring...

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