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Connecticut Must Re-think its Masking Laws

Maadhavan Prasanna '25, Contributing Writer October 15, 2021

Masks have played a critical role in protecting against COVID-19, but their time is up. Masks are causing more pain and inconvenience than they are helping our community with safety against COVID-19. Connecticut’s...

Its Time to Change the No-Chance Policy

It’s Time to Change the No-Chance Policy

Peyton Wexler '22, Contributing Writer October 15, 2021

All-School Presidents Sydney Goldstein ’22 and Izhaar Rosa ’22 opened Stu-Fac last Monday with a new proposal to replace the School’s No-Chance Policy regarding the use of drugs and alcohol. According...

Americas Problem with  Government Shutdowns

America’s Problem with Government Shutdowns

Chase Dobson '23, Contributing Writer October 15, 2021

The leaves are turning brown, students are wearing sweaters, and the United States government is threatening to shut down operations. It must be autumn. On October 1, President Biden signed a spending...

Abolish the Federal Debt Ceiling

Abolish the Federal Debt Ceiling

Jack Bourdeaux ’22, Contributing Writer October 15, 2021

Every couple of years, the US is threatened by a political crisis unlike any other. It doesn’t usually grab headlines, nor is it particularly interesting, but it is nevertheless vital to both American...

A New Era of Money: the Digital Dollar

A New Era of Money: the Digital Dollar

James Sum '25, Contributing Writer October 12, 2021

Since the inception of cryptocurrencies in 2009, their prominence has proliferated throughout the global market, exerting influence upon finance in ways previously unforeseeable to economists. However,...

People protest SB8 in Texas.

Texas Must Rethink its Abortion Law

Caroline Block ’25, Contributing Writer October 1, 2021

If we’ve learned anything over the past year and a half, it’s to not take anything for granted. This includes a stable climate, freedom of speech, and even in-person socialization. However, one thing...

Cooper Roh 22.

Cooper’s Corner: A Military History of Honey

Cooper Roh ’22 September 28, 2021

Besides tasting good, being fatal to babies, and triggering a lawsuit against the entire human race, honey is capable of a lot. In fact, a lot more than you may know. Here are just three examples of honey’s...

Washingtonians march for DC to become the 51st state.

The Case for D.C. Statehood

Jack Bourdeaux ’22, Contributing Writer May 14, 2021

Adding states to the U.S. is difficult. Despite that, the House of Representatives recently passed legislation that would admit Washington, D.C. as the 51st state. Lawmakers have proposed similar legislation...

The water crisis in Flint, MI began in 2014 and remains unresolved.

The American Jobs Plan is the Fix America Needs

Jack Bourdeaux '22, Contributing Writer April 29, 2021

In the United States, more than 2 million Americans live without access to clean drinking water and sanitation. This situation is unacceptable, and it would be grossly negligent of Congress not to pass...

The red planet, Mars.

Mysteries of the Red Planet

Carolyn Chinatti ’22, Contributing Writer April 27, 2021

There may be life on Mars. No, not little green men or ancient civilizations that are plotting to invade Earth à la H.G. Wells, but microbes that live deep below the iconic red surface. While skeptics...

Displaced Rohingya in 2017.

Myanmar: Biden Rides Waves of Nationalism

Duncan Griffin ’22 & Walker Perrenoud ’22, Contributing Writers April 15, 2021

Joe Biden’s actions in his short time as president have been largely uncontroversial, with his rollout of vaccines proving effective and his legislation not overtly partisan. However, his administration’s...

Arts Opinion: It’s Time to Stop Watching the Golden Globes… FOREVER

Luke Gardiner ’21, Contributing Writer March 11, 2021

On February 28, I watched the last Golden Globes of my life. Many people (at least in this community) are aware of the racism and lack of representation in Hollywood, reflected in award shows. Helmed by...

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