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Ms. Sidran taught middle schoolers at the Carol Morgan school, an international American school in Santo Domingo before coming to Hotchkiss.
Hurricanes and COVID: New Faculty Journey to Lakeville
Kiki Henry ’22, News Editor • September 24, 2020

Fourteen new faculty join the community this year from places all around the world, including the Dominican Republic, Spain, France, and Massachusetts....

The Clubs Program website groups student organizations into different categories for easy access.
Club Committee Goes Virtual
September 23, 2020
14 new faculty members are joining the community this year.
School Welcomes New Faculty
September 10, 2020
In-person classes began on Monday.
Adapting to Community Life During the Pandemic
Sydney Goldstein ’22 and Darina Huang ’23 • September 24, 2020

Many COVID-specific changes were implemented to ensure the safety of the school community and the local community. Students and faculty will...

In-person classes began this Monday.
Students and Faculty Adjust to Academic Life During COVID-19
Sahil Annamaneni ’24 and Sydney Goldstein ’22 • September 24, 2020

Contributing writer Sahil Annamaneni ’24 interviewed Ms. Sarah Forbes, instructor in Spanish, Oliver Hurwitz ’21, Mr. Adam Lang, instructor...

Campus services have adapted to COVID-19 in a variety of ways.
Campus Services Adapt to COVID-19
Libby Cobera ’24 • September 23, 2020

How are campus services overcoming COVID-related obstacles? To investigate, contributing writer Libby Cobera ’24 conducted various interviews...

The Hotchkiss Hub serves as a virtual space where students can find answers to their most common questions.
A New Hub for the Community
Cecily Smith ’23 • September 23, 2020

When students self-quarantined in their dorm rooms, they may have asked: Which clubs should I join? What’s for dinner? How can I get help on...

Meagan Campbell ’21 has played field hockey for seven years.
Athlete of the Issue: Meagan Campbell ’21
Nithya Chundi ’23 • September 24, 2020

Meagan Campbell ’21 is a four-year Senior and a captain of Girls Varsity Field Hockey. She has played field hockey for seven years and is a...

Some athletes had to make the tough decision to sacrifice their on-campus experience to continue their commitment to sports this fall. 
Athletes Learning Remotely
Carrie Cao ’23, Staff Writer • September 23, 2020

After spending months away from school, many students were excited at the prospect of journeying back to campus. However, with COVID-19 protocols...

Winter and spring teams can now practice at scheduled times with coaches this fall.
Fall and Spring Athletes Get a Head Start
Rachel Mokriski ’21, Sports Editor • September 23, 2020

Although the New England Prep School Athletic Conference (NEPSAC)’s cancellation of the fall season devastated many fall athletes, it does...

NBA Playoffs Postponed Following Bucks Strike
Hannah Goldberg ’22, Sports Editor • September 10, 2020

George Floyd. Elijah McClain. Breonna Taylor. Tennis player Naomi Osaka has shown solidarity to the Black Lives Matter movement by wearing facemasks...

If possible, set aside a chunk of time to go through your inbox.
Declutter Your Inbox
Reece Yang ’21, Editor-in-Chief • September 23, 2020

Sometimes the amount of emails streaming into your inbox every hour can feel overwhelming. Editor-in-chief Reece Yang ’21 offers some tips...

Stay Safe, Stay Connected
The CXXII Executive Board • September 10, 2020

Hearing campus filled with the laughter and chatter of students has been a welcoming sound after spending the spring apart. We hope that everyone...