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The Record was established in 1893 and is currently publishing with its 120th Editorial Board. The Record currently serves 613 students and 124 faculty. Free copies are distributed on campus, and subscriptions can be mailed first-class at an annual cost of $25.

The Record was established in 1893 by Editor-in-Chief Charles Edmund Merril, Jr. ’94 and first started printing only six times in a school year. In 2018, 125 years later, The Record launched its digital presence under inaugural President Priyanka Kumar ’19 of the CXX editorial board.  Notable alumni of The Record include Henry Robinson Luce and Briton Hadden, class of 1916, co-founders of Time Magazine, who served as assistant managing editor and editor-in-chief of The Record, respectively.


The Record is affiliated with the National Scholastic Press Association and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. The Board welcomes letters and articles from readers. Letters should be addressed “Letter to the editors:” and must include the writer’s name. Those selected may be shortened for space. Send letters to [email protected] or through postal mail to the Hotchkiss street address.

The CXX Record Editorial Board

President: Priyanka Kumar ’19


Digital Content Editors: Bea Kiggen ’19 and Alex McLane ’20

Digital Media Editors: Jiahua Chen ’20 and Nate Harris ’19

Sports Media Reporter: Sam Charlton ’20


Editors-in-Chief: Zoe Bank ’19, Harry Roepers ’19, and Gregoria Serretta Fiorentino ’19

News: Amanda Hill ’19 and Hannah Liu ’19

Features: Liz Koobatian ’19 and Tamsin Nottage ’20

Opinions: Justin Choi ’20 and Gemma Tung ’19

Arts & Leisure: Adalyn Ngo ’19 and John Shin ’20

Sports: Britney Douglas ’19, Charlie Knight ’20, and Maura Thompson ’20

Photography and Graphics: Nicholas Lorentzen ’20 and Jerry Sheng ’20

Layout: Tina Guo ’19 and Amy Wang ’19

Faculty Advisors: Ms. Ann Villano and Ms. Emma Wynn