Campus Services During COVID-19: Housekeeping

Contributing writer Libby Cobera ’24 interviewed Ms. Rebecca Curtis, housekeeping supervisor, with essential contributors to COVID-19 related needs. Quotes have been lightly edited for clarity.

How has the situation changed your perspective of what you do?

I think it’s changed the whole department’s perspective, because really, we are the frontline. It’s our duty, aside from people wearing their masks, to keep things clean, and that’s really essential. 

What steps did you and your team take over the summer to make sure that campus would be ready to welcome students back?

Over the summer, we [underwent training to promote efficiency and we also] switched our product line of chemicals that we were using to a green line, which we felt was safer especially with the increased usage of the products.

What kinds of positive experiences or moments have come out of this unfortunate situation?

I think it’s just brought everybody closer because we’re all leaning on one another for support. 

Are there specific things that you anticipate to continue doing differently even once the pandemic passes?

We’ll probably continue cleaning the way we’re cleaning. Being thorough is the goal because we are here to protect the community. Hopefully, the tents will go away and we’ll all be able to dine together.