Campus Services During COVID-19: Post Office

Campus Services During COVID-19: Post Office

Contributing writer Libby Cobera ’24 interviewed Ms. Brenda Cudney, supervisor of the Post Office, about the Post Office’s contributions to COVID-19 related needs.

Interviews have been lightly edited for clarity.

How has the pandemic changed what you do at Hotchkiss? 

The pandemic has reinforced the need for the post office as a means of communication with the outside world.

As unfortunate and tragic as COVID-19 has been, are there any positive moments or experiences that have come out of the situation?

I think one of the positives is that we have all been thinking outside the box and being more creative to ensure service needs are met.

When reevaluating the Post Office’s role during the quarantine period, what challenges did you face in rethinking protocol?

The most difficult part in making this happen was delivery of parcels. We had the help of the print shop, Central Receiving, and the Grounds crew to make deliveries.

How has the Post Office changed to be a safe space for mail pick-ups?

We have installed a plexiglass window, there are markers on the floors for line control, hand sanitizer available while waiting at the window, arrows on the floor indicating traffic flow. We also ask that lines are kept to a maximum of five people.