Campus Services During COVID-19: Campus Safety and Security

Campus Services During COVID-19: Campus Safety and Security

Contributing writer Libby Cobera ’24 interviewed Mr. Luis Garcia, director of campus safety and security, about safety and security’s contributions to COVID-19 related needs.

Interviews have been lightly edited for clarity.

What is your role during COVID-regulated times?

My job here is to ensure protocol for students, staff, and faculty. Now, we also have that screening booth, and that’s where we screen our visitors, ask them any COVID related questions, and make sure that they are well enough to come onto campus.

What kinds of planning went into making sure that you had a safe protocol for reopening?

With the One Card and the Five Card, I needed to know how to utilize them …when I walk into the building does the campus have certain doors that remain locked? Do certain doors remain open, and for what hours? So I had literally only two weeks to learn all of this and plan, but thankfully it was already in place before me. My job was to adapt to it and learn what’s going on.

As unfortunate and tragic as this situation has been, what positive experiences have come out of it?

For me it was a little bit difficult because it added a lot to my job. Before COVID, I wasn’t so concerned about medical safety protocols. Now, we have to put all of these policies together. We do a lot more collaborating with each other as staff members. I think that’s a positive; I got to know a lot of my colleagues better because there’s a lot of collaboration going on in putting all of these policies together.