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Anika Balwada '23, Digital Media Coordinator April 10, 2022

If possible, set aside a chunk of time to go through your inbox.

Declutter Your Inbox

Reece Yang ’21, Editor-in-Chief September 23, 2020

Sometimes the amount of emails streaming into your inbox every hour can feel overwhelming. Editor-in-chief Reece Yang ’21 offers some tips on how to manage your inbox efficiently. The basic premise...

Community Voices: A Day in the Life of Charlotte Mooney ’23 and Olivia Mooney ’21

Community Voices: A Day in the Life of Charlotte Mooney ’23 and Olivia Mooney ’21

Charlotte Mooney ’23 & Olivia Mooney ’21, Contributing Writers May 4, 2020

Community Voices is a section started and run by the Features section that gives community members the opportunity to submit personal vlogs, blogs, journal entries, poems, etc., relating to their lives...

Meet Your 2020 All-School President Candidates

Meet Your 2020 All-School President Candidates

The Record conducted interviews with the six pairs running for All-School President. Click on any of the ten questions below to see how each pair responded. Please briefly introduce yourselves. ...

Vlog: A Day in the Life of Brian Haywood ’21

Brian Haywood ’21 teamed up with Doug Wang ’23, photo editor, to produce a vlog about the day in the life of a quarantined student.  A Day with Brian Haywood from Dao Wang on Vimeo.

Honorable Thomas Countryman Describes the Beauty of Public Service and Diplomacy

Siri Nellutla '23 February 29, 2020

In an effort to inform Hotchkiss students about foreign service professions, every year, different individuals come to speak about the importance of diplomacy and its applications. As a part of the Ambassador...

Take A Moment to Acknowledge Your Best Buddy: Stress

Siri Nellutla '23 January 27, 2020

High school students often consider stress and anxiety their biggest obstacles. Since the school understands the many commitments students have to juggle around, administrators and staff also seek to support...

Newly Inaugurated Clubs and Affinity Groups

Vivian Shi ’23 October 16, 2019

The 2019-2020 school year is starting with ten more fresh student-driven groups such as the Creative Music Association, Glasswing, Hotchkiss Law Society are some of these new clubs and there are so many...

In Brief: Senior Carnival

Kate Danaher ’22 October 15, 2019

Loud music and the smell of hot dogs greeted everyone who attended this year’s lively Senior Carnival.  The planning for Senior Carnival began in June and continued throughout the summer.  Maggie...

Updated Almanac Brings Changes for the 2019-20 Year

Updated Almanac Brings Changes for the 2019-20 Year

Nicholas Lorentzen ’20, President, Design Editor August 27, 2019
The Record's President, Nicholas Lorentzen, has compared the newest edition of The Almanac, with its predecessor and found three important changes for the student body to be aware of.

Max Limit, Max Damage: The Boeing 737 MAX

YY Cher '20 May 27, 2019

You may have heard of the 2 crashes related to the Boeing’s new narrowbody plane on the market, the Boeing 737 MAX. However, the plane isn’t exactly new, rather it is a modern redesign of a plane that...

We Need Inslee

Why The Democratic Candidate You Have Probably Never Heard of Matters
Carter Moyer '20 May 27, 2019
You have probably never heard of him. Mainstream news sources are ignoring him in favor of Buttigieg or Biden, liberal sources are focused on Bernie and Warren, and let’s be real, not many at Hotchkiss are reading Democracy Now! or The Nation. That and few people outside of the Pacific Northwest would know of him anyway. However, he’s served for 15 years in Congress representing the state of Washington, is currently serving his second term as Washington’s governor, and is running as a candidate in the Democratic Party’s presidential primary.
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