Newly Inaugurated Clubs and Affinity Groups

The 2019-2020 school year is starting with ten more fresh student-driven groups such as the Creative Music Association, Glasswing, Hotchkiss Law Society are some of these new clubs and there are so many more!

Dance Club, started by Isabelle Su ’22, Stella Ren ’22, and Aurora Smedvig ’22, is one of these newly created clubs. The club is devoted to building a community of people dedicated to the art of Dancing. While Isabelle and Aurora are both passionate ballerinas, Stella comes from a more hip hop centered training. This diversity will help the club appeal to a larger audience.

The three heads shared the experience of being part of the Dance Company last Winter but felt that they need more intense training. To seek out the extra rigor they were looking for in Dance Company, the three formed the club. Other goals for the club include having more student talents or obscure dance styles brought into the light. The club plans to meet twice a week to cover various parts of the art of dance. The heads promise it will be a relaxing experience for all members.

Another newly founded group is the Hotchkiss Fitness Society lead by Mackenzie Huang ’20, Simone Straus ’21, and Royce Shey ’21. “ Guided by inclusion and passion, fitness fosters fellowship.” is their mission statement as Huang really wants to aim for a judgment-free zone open to novice and expert students alike who are interested in improving their physique.

The club will hold two types of meetings throughout the year: Club lifting in the weight room and educational info sessions in the English wing. Information sessions will cover everything from nutrition to planning workouts to build your muscles. Coach Brodie Quinn ’10, director of athletic performance and fitness and the faculty advisor to the club, will be supporting the club heads both in the weight room and as a source of information. Quinn has previously worked with college athletes in Florida, so his presence promises to be an invaluable resource for the club and its members.

In addition to these new clubs, there are also new affinity groups, including the Islamic Society and De Colores. De Colores is a Latinx affinity group started by Billy Meneses ’22, Suleyka Alonzo ’22 and Anaiz Robinson ’22 which will provide a platform for Latinx students to be able to gather and talk. This year, they are planning on movie nights, dances, and cultural food parties. The upcoming events will range from updates about their days to exchanging opinions on world-wide issues. The three student heads plan onholding their first meeting during an upcoming Sunday brunch.

This new school year is starting strong with 10 new organizations along with the 69 others that were established earlier on. Let’s hope this will be an exciting years and maybe even more clubs will emerge in 2020!