In Brief: Senior Carnival

Loud music and the smell of hot dogs greeted everyone who attended this year’s lively Senior Carnival. 

The planning for Senior Carnival began in June and continued throughout the summer.  Maggie Smith ’20 and Carter Day ’20 worked alongside Ms. Amanda McClure, Senior class dean, and the Student Activities Office. Senior Carnival, which took place on September 8, included blow-up attractions, outdoor games, loud music, and lots of food. The theme for the event was H20, in honor of the Senior Class of 2020. All the attractions were water-themed, from the mechanical shark to the extensive Slip ‘N Slide. 

The tradition of Senior Carnival was originally started by the Upper Mid class of ’78. After a year of mischief, which resulted in the Spring Holiday being revoked, the Upper Mid class set out to apologize to the student body by throwing a carnival. Instead of inflatable bouncy houses and a hot dog stand, the original carnival consisted of attractions hand-made by the students and was held in Main Circle. 

 Last year’s Senior Class Presidents, Soulemon Toure ’19 and Katya Giffenig ’19, chose to relocate the event to the lakefront; however, current Senior Presidents, Day and Smith, decided September’s weather was too unpredictable for the location. Therefore, the carnival was moved back to the beach volleyball courts, Sadie Gould ’20, agreed the class presidents’ decision, saying, “I really liked that it was back at the beach volleyball courts. I feel like that is much more convenient.” 

Thankfully, this year’s carnival was accompanied by good weather. Overall, the feedback from the student body was positive. Jill Lanzone ’22 said, “Senior Carnival was so much fun! I stayed on the shark a really long time. I will not forget about the memories I made at the Senior Carnival this year.” After such a successful event  this year, the anticipation for next year’s carnival is already building.