Managing Stress During AP Week, Quarantine Edition

These are the two busiest weeks of the year for many students, whether it’s because of AP exams, final projects and essays, or Teagles. Now that students are unable to study in the Edsel Ford library, hang out by Lake Wononscopomuc, or relax at the Snack Bar, the Arts & Leisure Editors have compiled some other ways to handle the workload.

1. Reconnect with nature

Jaysen Jensen ’20

Water your plants, pet your pets, or go hiking in the woods. If you’re in the city, make sure to open your windows for some fresh air and sunshine. If you’re looking for a new nature-related hobby to pick up, this Bob Ross chia pet may be for you. Tip from your editors: only water the top of the head if you don’t want the chia to completely take over Bob’s face.

2. Unwind with some quality self-reflection

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, this is a great time for some light meditation. Burn that candle you’ve always wanted to burn, light that incense, and relax. Just make sure to adhere to your neighborhood’s fire safety guidelines.

Another great way to self-reflect is to attend the Zoom-based Community Conversations hosted by Dr. Rachel Meyers, director of diversity and inclusion. The sixth Community Conversation on the concept of White male privilege in and out of our community takes place tomorrow, May 19th at 6:45 p.m. EDT. Join the Zoom meeting here. 

3. Get your body moving

Feeling unmotivated? Is the weather “never” suitable for working out? Is your fitness equipment collecting dust in your garage? Look out for emails from Coach Brodie Quinn ’10, director of athletic performance and fitness, who has been offering Zoom workout sessions. Of course, if this involves getting up in the middle of the night due to time difference, you are welcome to contact him directly to schedule a time.

4. Reach out for academic help

        If you are feeling unfocused and disorganized, the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is here to help! The TLC will continue to offer online help, including study tips and virtual study hall sessions. In addition, you can always check in with your teachers during their office hours or arrange study dates with your friends.

5. Treat yourself with some good food

        Eating good food (not your feelings – if you need to talk to someone, health center counselors are available) is proven to lift just about anyone’s mood. Is there a recipe you’ve always wanted to try? Go for it! For more inspiration, try one of Shine Lee ’20’s recipes from the “The Sunshine Cookbook” here.  

6. Unwind with music

What is a better companion, besides the occasional coffee (and your calculator), to studying than a good music playlist? Here are some playlists made by our very own Hotchkiss bearcats!