Learn to Help the Earth with Virtual Eco Week


David Li ’21

Community members picked up trash as part of the 2019 Eco Day.

“What was the Earth’s warmest year on record?” Answer: 2016. 

In order to promote awareness for the protection of our ecosystem, the Student Environmental Association (SEA) is hosting an Eco Week from today to Friday, April 24. In past years, the community has conducted Eco Day, a day dedicated to serve the local community and educate ourselves on different aspects of the environment. Due to distance learning, Eco Day has been transformed into Eco Week; various clubs, like the Hotchkiss Political Union, Quizbowl, and Crafting Hands, will tailor their conversations and activities toward the environment. Mr. Mario Williams ’12, instructor in environmental science, said, “Everyone will be able to find an event that piques their interest and that encourages us to be more mindful about the environmental impacts of our daily decisions.”   

Climate change, habitat and biodiversity loss, coral bleaching, and deforestation are just a few of the various problems the planet faces. Through Eco Week, SEA wants to shed light on these problems so that students and faculty can bring change to the environment. 

In addition, AP Environmental Science students were assigned to examine environmental issues in their local communities this marking period. During All-School Meeting on Friday, April 24, these students will share what they have learned. Mr. Williams said, “A space for our students to discuss the global change issues that they care deeply about and support each other enthusiastically is incredibly important, especially in view of the current global pandemic that has touched all of our lives.

Following the students’ presentations, Dr. Jared Zelman, medical director, will give his annual tick talk, a presentation on the importance of taking precautions against ticks. 

Although there have been several changes made, the spirit behind the program remains the same. Mr. Williams said, “By placing students at the center of all of the Eco Week activities—from the planning to the execution phase—I strongly believe that our virtual programs will be a force that draws us closer together as a school community around the shared objective of environmental sustainability.”