Hotchkiss Hosts BaHSA Dance

Recently, Hotchkiss opened its doors to neighboring schools for the highly anticipated annual BaHSA dance, which is organized by Hotchkiss’s Black and Hispanic Student Association in celebration of black and Hispanic culture. Approximately 100 students from neighboring schools, including Berkshire, Millbrook, and Salisbury, attended. Jared Napier ’21 said, “I always look forward to the BaHSA dance. The combination of students of color from other schools and the up-to-date and diverse music all contribute to creating an atmosphere of fun.” Most of the time, interactions with other students occur in competitive environments like courts or athletic pitches, not entirely conducive for establishing and creating friendships with other students. Considering the isolated nature of Hotchkiss “I always get to meet new people and make friends during BaHSA.”

The two-and-a-half-hour-long dance was the result of months of planning and coordination between the schools in attendance. BaHSA communicated with the facilities team on campus to set up the venue as well as ensure that other students had sufficient transportation to campus. BaHSA co-head  Nia Talley ‘19 also credited the dance’s success to Student Activities. Mr. Puls ‘09 and Mrs. Gibb played instrumental roles in setting up the dance itself. Nia praised the duo, “Without their help, there’s no way [planning] would have [gone] as smoothly as it did.” The dance proved to be a phenomenal success with glowing praise from student attendees.