Quiz Bowl Team Competes Against Local High School

Last semester, Hotchkiss students competed in a quiz bowl against local Housatonic Valley Regional High School. On Tuesday, November 27, Housatonic students visited the Hotchkiss campus for a quiz bowl tournament in which students competed to answer questions about various subjects.

Eric Stone, instructor in mathematics, Peter Vermilyea, instructor in history at Housatonic, and Aaron Stone ’19 organized the competition. Mr. Stone coordinated transportation for the Housatonic teams and found readers for the competition, while Aaron Stone organized a group of Hotchkiss students to compete. Participating students included Arhan Chhabra ’22, Sander Kuijs ’21, Jack McGlinn ’22, Billy Meneses ’22, Cooper Roh ’22, Nick Romero ’21, Aaron Stone ’19, Isabel Su ’22, Nani Veluchamy ’22, and Huck Whittemore ’22.

The Housatonic A-Team beat three different Hotchkiss teams during the competition. However, the two-person A-Team composed of Roh and Stone beat every team except Housatonic’s four-player A-Team. The Housatonic B-Team remained undefeated, except for their single loss to the Hotchkiss A-Team.

Stone said, “We’re all hoping for another chance against Housatonic, because we believe that with a little more preparation we’d be very ready to try again and win this time.”