Interview with Dubem Anwunah ’20, Varsity Basketball Player

Dubem ’20 takes a jump shot.

This is an interview with Dubem Anwunah ’20, a 3-year member of Boys Varsity Basketball. 

Q: What are a few goals that the team has set this year? What about personal goals you hope to achieve?

A: Our largest goal this year is to be known as a gritty, defensive team. Whether we’re playing a B class team or a AA class team, we want them to be hesitant to play us. Alongside having an aggressive-defensive mindset, the basketball team hopes to make the NEPSAC class A playoffs and compete for the title. Last year, we had a number of crucial losses, and given the opportunity, we would love to play those games again. For my own personal goals, I want a successful season where we at least make the playoffs. I believe that our team is talented enough to compete with every team in the league and that would be recognized through a playoff berth.

Q: What aspect of your game comes easiest to you?

A: An aspect of my game that comes easiest to me would probably be rebounding. My height coupled with my leaping ability allows me to create second opportunities on offense and initiate fast breaks on the defensive end. But don’t sleep on my jump shot.

Q: What aspect of your game is the most difficult for you to master?

A: An aspect of my game that is the most difficult for me to master would have to be ball control when dribbling. I started playing competitive basketball in seventh grade and the coaches that I’ve had wanted me to refrain from dribbling. As I have become smarter about the game of basketball, I began working on this skill on my own time and while I’m not as good as my guards CJ, Aidan, Miles etc., there has been a large individual growth from my prep year to now.

Q: How do you prepare for a game that’s different from your teammates?

A: A way that I prepare for games that differ from the preparation of my teammates would be the music that I listen to. I listen to a lot of Nigerian music during the school day as well as when I am warming up. When I listen to Nigerian music, especially music in my parents’ native language, Igbo, I become incredibly focused on my task at hand.

Q: What do you feel is different from last year?

A: Unfortunately, I missed most of the basketball season due to illness last year so I may not accurately represent the qualities of last year’s team; however, a trait of this year’s team that is undeniable happens to be the chemistry that we have. The chemistry last year was still great, but this year seems to be on another level and I am excited for what’s to come.

Q: Any comments on the upcoming game? Coaches say anything?

A: Our first game is against Salisbury just down the road and by then our team would have had a full week of good practices. We want to set the tone early and never give Salisbury a chance to win, and personally, I would love to move to 3-0 against them since my first season prep year. The general message that the coaches gave us was to never play with a lack of passion or energy. At the end of the day, we need to control the factors that we can control and the game will go our way.

Q: Lastly, anything you wish to say to the team’s supporters in the beginning of the season?

A: One last thing to the fans here at Hotchkiss: if you guys have our backs, we’ll have yours. We need our supporters to get Fowle loud and rowdy and we promise to make each game competitive for your energy.