In Remembrance of Germán Perez

On October 3, state police discovered Germán Perez’s body in the Housatonic River, about a mile from the sight of a crash reported on on September 25 (NBC CT). Perez, 60, had worked in the Mars Athletic Center since 2010, and was known by many at the School for his friendly and lively presence in the cage. The following are pieces from some of Perez’s closest co-workers in remembrance of his life and character.


Written by Ms. Amanda Robiolio, instructor in history:

Más que una persona feliz, Germán era una persona llena de vida. Siempre estaba listo para sonreír o para ayudar a cualquier persona. Él representaba nuestros valores más importantes aquí en Hotchkiss.

Ahora cuando recuerdo a  Germán, tengo una serie de diferentes memorias. Germán fue una de las primeras personas que me dió la bienvenida cuando llegué a Hotchkiss el año pasado. Siempre que me veía, me saludaba y conversábamos.  Así llegué a conocer detalles de su vida, y lo más importante para él, su familia.

En el otoño me mostró la medalla que ganó por correr el medio maratón de Nueva York con su hijo. En el invierno lamentamos la falta de música de salsa en la fiesta de Navidad de Hotchkiss. En la primavera me contó del viaje que planeaba a Rusia para ver la Copa Mundial.

Me vas a hacer mucha falta, Germán. Gracias por haber sido un buen amigo y hacerme sentir parte de la comunidad de Hotchkiss.


English Translation:

More than a happy person, Germán was so full of life. He was always ready with a smile or to help others. He represented many of our most cherished values here at Hotchkiss.

Now when I remember Germán, I think of a series of different memories. Germán was one of the first people to welcome me to Hotchkiss when I arrived last year as a new teacher. Whenever he saw me, we would talk. During those conversations, I learned generally about his life and about what was most important to him: his family.

In the fall, I remember Germán showing me the medal he won for running the New York City Half Marathon with his son. In the winter, we jokingly complained together about the Hotchkiss Christmas party’s lack of salsa music. In the spring, he excitedly told me about his plans to visit Russia to see the World Cup.

I miss you, Germán. Thank you for being a wonderful friend, and for helping me to feel like a part of this community.


Written by Ms. Robin Chandler, director of athletics:

German was one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever known in my life. He loved his family and he loved working at Hotchkiss. German took advantage of each day living life to the fullest. He was a workout addict, was obsessed with soccer, and loved his homeland of Columbia. He ran a half marathon with his youngest son, Carlos, when he turned 60. He traveled to Russia this past summer and attended a bunch of the World Cup Soccer games, and he always brought back little trinkets from his travels to share with those of us in the MAC.

German chose to be happy every day and he made a significant difference in the lives of those around him. Always with a warm smile spread across his joyous face, German was one of a kind.

I miss him every day.


Written by Mr. Danny Smith, director of athletics:

German Perez was a great role model for students, teachers, staff and administrators – everyone in the Hotchkiss community.

He performed his job to the best of his ability each day. However, he did it with a friendly smile, a spring in his step and a good word for anyone he encountered. He laughed often and made a point to see the best in everyone. German had an incredible work ethic and was always willing to pitch in and help out. I realized quickly that German took great pride in the success of his children. He spoke about them often. He had a strong sense of family and frequently brought them to Hotchkiss social events.

German loved to travel and his phone was filled with photos from some of the exotic places he had visited with his wife in recent years. He was also a rabid soccer fan and was overjoyed to be able to watch his Colombian team play in the World Cup last summer in Russia.

German touched many lives. He will be missed here in the MAC.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to call him a friend.