The Red Carpet Comes to Hotchkiss


Jiahua Chen'20

Gabe Polsky ’98 chats with Scott Shrager ’19.

Weeks before its release to the public, the highly anticipated and long-awaited movie, In Search of Greatness, came to Hotchkiss for a special screening this past Saturday. Gabe Polsky ’98, the director of the film, brought his newest movie as a gift to the Hotchkiss community. 

Polsky previously screened two of his other films at the school; Red Army premiered at the school in the winter of 2015 and Motel Life was screened in the fall of 2014. Polsky also delivered the commencement speech at graduation in 2017. He shared his rough-cut of In Search of Greatness with the Seniors. The special premiere of Polsky’s new film was organized by Mr. Keith Moon, instructor in English, History, and Russian, and Polsky’s former advisor. During his time at Hotchkiss, Polsky was an active member of the Boys Varsity Hockey team and then moved on to play hockey at Yale.

In Search of Greatness will be released in theaters on November 2. The movie focuses on famous athletes from a variety of different sports, including Wayne Gretzky, Serena Williams, Pele, and Jerry Rice. The movie centers on athletes, but sports experts and philosophers who analyze the elements of a great athlete are also featured. Sandrine Brien ’20 said, “As an athlete, I always look for better ways of improving my game not only physically, but mentally as well… Having been the best hockey player to ever play the game, I [was] really excited to see what Mr. Gretzky had to say about other generational athletes, regardless of the sport.”

The event kicked off with a red carpet event, where students were invited to wear special event dress and take pictures with Polsky, who then provided a brief introduction to the film. After the screening, the event concluded with a Q&A with Polsky who addressed questions about his challenges with making the film and the process behind it. Dylan Kalaydjian ’19 said, “I enjoyed the film a solid amount – it was thoughtful, engaging, and full of good ideas. While I thought it was unfocused in its subject matter, its pacing was excellent, keeping it a brisk, breezy, enjoyable ride.” 

Polsky’s movie prompted students and faculty members to think about the  qualities that make successful athletes, or any person who achieves greatness in his or her field. Mr. Moon said, “The underlying message of the movie is love what you are doing while you are doing it, and don’t get overly focused. Don’t assume that simply by playing something again, and again, and again, that you will become great at it. Allow yourself to be great, and good things will happen.”