Farewell to Mr. John Tuke

Mr. John Tuke, Chief Financial Officer, will be leaving Hotchkiss after 20 years. Mr. Bradley described Mr. Tuke’s role, saying, “For the past 20 years, Mr. Tuke has assured that the resources of the School have been managed with discipline and integrity, [which] helps us to assure the excellence of the Hotchkiss experience. He is totally committed [to making sure that] students, faculty, and staff have what they need to do their best work and thrive.”

Despite his demanding role as Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Tuke found ways to balance his work and family life. Asa Tuke ‘21 described one of his fondest memories of his father: “My dad used to bring my brothers and I to cookouts before the [Harvard-Yale] game[s]. He’s particularly fond of the sport, since he used to play there. Experiencing [with him] what he loved and enjoyed when he was younger helped form a deeper bond between us.” Asa’s relationship with his father was an important part of his Hotchkiss experience. “Knowing that my dad was on campus…helped me out a lot when I first came to Hotchkiss,” Asa said. “Having the privilege of having someone I could always turn to and rely on so close to me really helped me out.”

Mr. Tuke will move on to serve as the Chief Operating Officer at Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory, a leading institution in biomedical research in cancer, neuroscience, plant biology and quantitative biology. Before Mr. Tuke leaves in November, he will finalize the Fiscal Year 2019 operating budget and complete a number of projects for the 2018 Fiscal Year audit. Mr. Bradley comment, “While much of what Mr. Tuke does is not necessarily visible to students or even faculty and staff, the School is a complex organization that requires expert, disciplined administration and very careful stewardship and allocation of resources. We rely on Mr. Tuke for that day-in and day-out. John has been a true partner to me, and I will miss him dearly.”