The Hotchkiss Record

2018-2019 Staff

Priyanka Kumar '19


Priyanka Kumar joined The Hotchkiss Record during her first few weeks on campus and started off writing for the News and Opinions Section. She became a News Editor for the CXIX Editorial Board and was appointed as the inaugural...

Zoe Bank '19


Zoe Bank '19 joined the Record as a Lower Mid. She began as a layout editor, but also served as a writer, photographer, and occasional brunch fetcher for the EICs. She now serves as editor-in-chief for the CXX editorial board.

Harry Roepers '19


Harry Roepers '19 quickly utilized his prior experience and passion in photography to contribute his work to The Hotchkiss Record as well as other groups on campus. He became the Photo-Editor for the CXIX board and became Edito...

Gregoria Serretta Fiorentino '19


Gregoria Serretta Fiorentino joined the Hotchkiss Record during her prep winter. Since then, she has contributed weekly to the News section of the Record, becoming a News Editor her lower mid-spring. Now, she serves as an Editor-in...

Bea Kiggen '19

Digital Content Editor

Bea Kiggen joined The Hotchkiss Record at the beginning of her Junior year as a writer for the News Section. She then became one of the inaugural Digital Content Editors for the CXX Editorial Board. Bea has enjoyed pursuing her in...

Alex McLane '20

Digital Content Editor

Alex McLane joined The Hotchkiss Record as a lower-mid to work on the first launch of The Record Online. He was appointed to the position of Digital Content Editor for the CXX and CXXI Editorial Boards. He is jointly responsible fo...

Nate Harris

Digital Media Coordinator

Nate Harris joined The Hotchkiss Record as a Digital Media Coordinator during the CXX Editorial Board as part of the launch of the Digital Record. He specializes in digital media such as photos, video, and animation. He facili...

Jiahua Chen '20

Digital Media Editor / Photo Editor

Jiahua Chen joined the Record in his Lower Mid as a photographer. Fuelled by his passion for design and photography, he mainly designs and lays out the website as well as the print newspaper, in addition to taking photos and man...

Justin Choi '20

Opinions Editor / Sports Media Editor

Justin Choi joined The Hotchkiss Record as a Lower Mid, writing for the News Section, mainly focusing on articles that were "New Beyond Hotchkiss." He later became the Opinions Editor along with Gemma Tung '19, and the Online...

Ally Fertig '20

Staff Writer

Ally Fertig ’20 started writing for The Hotchkiss Record in the Fall of her Lower-mid year, bringing journalistic experience from her previous school with her. She began writing for the News section and quickly became a st...

Nicholas Lorentzen ’20

President, Design Editor

Nicholas Lorentzen started taking photos for The Record in the spring of his prep year in order to further develop his range of photography capabilities. During his Lower Mid year, Nicholas switched the focus of his attention...