The Hotchkiss Record

Ford v Ferrari: An Underrated Contender

Ford v Ferrari, directed by James Mangold

Arhan Chhabra ’22, Design Editor

February 5, 2020

Though 1917 seems most likely to snag Best Picture at the Oscars, this year’s unexpected nomination of Ford v Ferrari, directed by James Mangold, should merit more consideration than it has received. The movie focuses on the legendary rivalry between automobile giants Ford and Ferrari during the 24-hour-long...

1917: The Defining War Movie of the Decade

1917, directed by Sam Mendes

Toby Pouler ’20

February 5, 2020

Every decade has its defining war movie: the 1960s had The Great Escape, the 1970s - Apocalypse Now, the 1990s - Saving Private Ryan, and the 2000s - The Hurt Locker. Each is remembered for bringing horrors incomprehensible to most audience members to stunning life. These films are standouts not only...

Litchfield County Goes Solar

Amelie Zhang ’23

January 22, 2020

As we enter 2020, sustainability has emerged as one of the most important goals of many places around the world, including in Litchfield, Connecticut. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, renewable energy currently accounts for 11% of primary energy consumption in the nation, with...

First Responders Receive Much-Deserved Support

Anne Sappenfield ’21

January 22, 2020

In 2017, more first responders, such as firefighters, policemen, and EMTs, died of suicide than in the line of duty. First responders are the heroes we rely on to arrive in times of emergency. These men and women regularly encounter danger and death in order to protect the lives of others. Exposure...

Fraud at Olivet University

The deserted Olivet University campus in Dover, NY.

Sydney Goldstein ’22, Features Editor

January 22, 2020

Students driving to school along Route 684 might notice the brick buildings and large campus the former Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center, with a sign out front that now reads “Olivet University.” However, a closer look reveals empty buildings with broken windows and deserted grounds. Not only does...

The World Beyond: The Future of Environmental Science

Students work at the Fairfield Farm last summer.

Lucy Haswell ’20 and Tamsin Nottage ’20

December 12, 2019

The Features editors reached out to Ms. Jennifer Rinehart, instructor in environmental science, to get an inside look into the school’s environmental science program.How does taking an environmental science help a student grow? Any exposure to scientific processes, regardless of discipline,...

Trekking with the Outing Club

Trekking with the  Outing Club

Amelie Zhang ’23

December 12, 2019

Students looking for an opportunity to get off campus and enjoy the natural world should pay close attention to the Outing Club emails arriving in their inboxes. The Outing Club hosts activities almost every week on Wednesday or Sunday afternoons. These activities have included hiking, camping and will...

Science Curriculum Moves Beyond APs

Sydney Goldstein ’22, Features Editor

December 12, 2019

Staff writer Sydney Goldstein ’22 sat down with Ms. Eileen Sullivan, head of the science department and instructor in chemistry, to discuss the science program in its current form, as well as the curricular changes that the department will make over the next year.What is your opinion on the changes...

Help at the Health Center

Carrie Cao ’23

November 21, 2019

Staff writer Carrie Cao ’23 sat down with Mrs. Jodi von Jess, director of counseling, to discuss recent trends in mental health care at the school. How has use of the Health Center changed over the past few years? I have noticed an increase over the years; I think some of the students are coming...

Bringing Change to the School

Amelie Zhang ’23

November 20, 2019

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), “anxiety is the top presenting concern among college students (41.6 percent), followed by depression (36.4 percent) and relationship problems (35.8 percent).” These numbers are on the rise, and schools across the country are working to to...

Peer Listeners Offer an Open Door

Sydney Goldstein ’21

November 20, 2019

You have probably heard about the Peer Listeners Committee (PLC) and received its emails, but you might not be entirely sure what it is. When did it start? What does it do? These are all questions Peer Listeners heads Luke Kalaydijan ’20 and Anne Seaman ’20 can answer, having founded the group last...

Taking Out the Trash: Reducing Food Waste

Anika Balwada ’23

November 7, 2019

Anika Balwada ’23 sat down with Mr. Mike Webster, general manager of dining services, to discuss the school’s management of food waste.In what ways does the Dining Hall work to reduce food waste? “We try to reduce food waste in a [few] ways. There is the food waste that is created when the...