The Record is a student-run bi-weekly print newspaper with daily digital presence on pressing issues and events inside the Hotchkiss community and around the globe.

The Hotchkiss Record

The Record is a student-run bi-weekly print newspaper with daily digital presence on pressing issues and events inside the Hotchkiss community and around the globe.

The Hotchkiss Record

The Record is a student-run bi-weekly print newspaper with daily digital presence on pressing issues and events inside the Hotchkiss community and around the globe.

The Hotchkiss Record

Seniors Offer Reflections

Maddie Lykouretzos ’23


Astronomy Club Head, Ethics & Philosophy Club Head, Photo League Club Head, Maker’s Club Head, No Limits Editor-in-Chief, Flinn Proctor

One of the most important lessons I learned at Hotchkiss is that you can’t get through anything alone. I have always valued my independence as a strength to be proud of, but I have often been unaware that it has obscured the benefits of collaboration. In my mind, it was impossible to be someone who was both independent and worked with or sought help from others. 

Hotchkiss taught me that life is more rewarding when I learn from my peers and that relying on others and reaching out for help is not a weakness, but a strength. 

I quickly learned that independence must be balanced with collaboration in order for me to be successful, whether it be working to harvest squash at the farm or to repair a broken robot part. More importantly, collaboration allowed me to see the knowledge and wisdom my peers had to offer and made my projects with them all the more enriching. 

My advice to others is to embrace this collaborative culture. Hotchkiss is without a doubt a competitive place, but you will get further if you know how to work together and when to seek support.


Mary Tyree ’23


Chess Club Head, Veterans Club Head, [htv] Club Head, Student Activities Committee Member, Buehler Proctor

One of my most vivid memories of Hotchkiss came from a teacher I first met when she was still interviewing for a teaching position. I hoped she would come to teach at Hotchkiss and when she did, she quickly became a mentor to me. 

I did my first musical with her my Upper-mid year. I was not particularly confident in my abilities and was consumed by comparing myself to the other very talented actors in my cast. However, this teacher always took time to listen to me and ask for my ideas. 

The next year, this teacher supported me when I wanted to direct a Black Box musical. She trusted me and my co-director to do everything, from conducting auditions to dictating script cuts to speaking with music professionals to directing. 

While we had to deal with some bumps along the way (like when 15 different pianists said they couldn’t help with the production), she always had faith in us. She provided guidance when we needed it while still allowing our creative visions to be at the forefront of our production. 

The confidence she had in me and her willingness to let me succeed or fail on my own was one of the most important experiences in my Hotchkiss career. So, thank you Ms. [MK] Lawson, for having the utmost faith in me, no matter what. 

Thank you, Hotchkiss, for giving me the confidence to pursue my dreams. Be True, Bleed Blue.


Isabella Wei ’23


Calliope Club Head, Chinese Club Head, LinkAge Club Head, Mock Trial Club Head, Triple A Club Head, Watson Proctor

Hotchkiss was often a difficult place that consumed my time, recreational passions, and even my sense of purpose. But I also got to meet some of my best friends, whom I will certainly keep in touch with far into the future and knowledgeable adults who will be my life-long mentors. I got to experience some successes and many failures, test and learn my limits, practice leading by example, and mature into the version of myself that many of you perhaps see as an older sister. 

Looking back, some of my core memories are extremely ordinary things: visiting Ben’s room and seeing the posters, plants, and hand-written notes on his walls, early morning rowing on the foggy lake, enlightening discussion post assignments for English 490, discovering Philosophy, late night walks, Hughlyn’s spinny chair, rehearsing for SMS, writing in the Terrapin cabin journal… ordinary events, but ones that broke me away from ticking clocks and strict expectations, that allowed me to explore who I am, what I love, and who I want to be. 

So don’t let the big environment take over your life and define you; instead, pay attention to yourself, to the little things. To the people around you and learn from them their values. To your family, who misses you. To foreign cultures and celebrate them. To new academic subjects and challenge yourself with new knowledge. To nature, the fresh air, the starry sky at night. 

Enjoy your time here while you can, and hopefully, you will emerge from this place with healing scars, growing bones, clearer vision, a puzzled yet curious brain, and a loving heart. 


Ryan Tse ’23


Boys Varsity Swimming Captain, Engineering Club Head, Dana Proctor

After many ups and downs, I think that my time at Hotchkiss has ended on a good note. So should yours. Even in the midst of the business of Hotchkiss, enjoy your time here – it will pass by so quickly. 

Remember not to be afraid to put yourself first at times, while still growing alongside everyone else. Remember to take advantage of every opportunity that you have; some of them you really can’t find anywhere else in this world. Don’t have any regrets. 

Remember to keep in touch with the world outside the Hotchkiss bubble, and remember to relax in the bubble as well with those beside you. Remember to go out and enjoy the lake or a game of frisbee on sunny days, and remember there also aren’t many things more beautiful than a rainy day. 

Remember to make your life at Hotchkiss one worth remembering.


Chase Dobson ’23


Boys Varsity Cross Country Captain, Boys Varsity Track and Field Captain, Film Club Head, International Relations Society Club Head, Dana Proctor

Senior spring feels infinite – it feels like I always have been (and always will be) perched on this ledge, in May, about to become something new. This is because it is all ending, which is to say, it is all rhyming and coming together, so I am at once a Senior in the lake with my friends, and an Upper Mid taking his SATs and learning to love himself, and a Lower Mid suffering in a small room alone, and a Prep building relationships and flunking classes. I am all of these things in this moment, in this warm Connecticut May, so this moment has filled like a pitcher with the weight of infinite possibility. The weeks count down until my graduation, but my mind remains tethered to what it has just undergone, a four-year metamorphosis from which I hope to never recover. 


Carrie Cao ’23


The Record Editor-in-Chief, French Club Head

Over my time at Hotchkiss, I have made invaluable friendships and countless unforgettable memories. Amid the whirlwind of sleep deprivation, bouts of extreme procrastination, and testing the limits of my capabilities, my journey here has finally revealed the transformative powers of Hotchkiss. 

I have come to appreciate the importance of taking meaningful breaks for oneself and venturing outside of one’s comfort zone. While the academic rigor and demanding schedule at Hotchkiss can consume our lives, I have learned firsthand the significance of carving out time for self-care. The mental health days you take once in a while can truly make all the difference. Hotchkiss has also taught me the value of embracing discomfort and the unknown. When we challenge ourselves and step beyond familiar boundaries, we truly grow. It’s amazing how many unique and wonderful people you can meet everyday. 


Darina Huang ’23


Girls Varsity Cross Country Captain, Females for Finance Club Head, LinkAge Club Head, [htv] Club Head, Student Activities Committee Member

I’m grateful to Hotchkiss for being the stability in life when change has been constant. Leaving what is now so comfortable is scary, but I’m forever grateful for the relationships I can rely on, lessons I’ve learned, and failures that have pushed me to grow. Take a risk, try something new, speak up for yourself, and start early (don’t wait until the last two weeks to start your bucket list!). Go to that Black Box or under-the-lights game, walk to Lakeville, but do prioritize! Say yes to things, step outside what feels comfortable and familiar. I never would’ve thought that I’d write and edit for The Record, take classes like limnology, give tours… the list goes on. 

Thank you, Hotchkiss for being home for the last four years. I’ve truly grown so much and for the better.

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