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The Record is a student-run bi-weekly print newspaper with daily digital presence on pressing issues and events inside the Hotchkiss community and around the globe.

The Hotchkiss Record

The Record is a student-run bi-weekly print newspaper with daily digital presence on pressing issues and events inside the Hotchkiss community and around the globe.

The Hotchkiss Record

All-School Presidents Mudry and Mamam Nbiba Reflect on Their Tenure

Mudry and Mamam Nbiba were elected All-school presidents after a four-way race in April 2022.

Richie Mamam Nbiba ’23 and Chris Mudry ’23 have served as All-school presidents after being elected in the spring of 2022. As graduation approaches, Mamam-Nbibia and Mudry spoke with The Record about their experiences and accomplishments as leaders of the student body.

Outside of the All-School presidency, the pair have involved in many other campus activites. 

Mamam Nbiba participated in many HDA productions, including Mamma Mia: The Musical, Clue, and numerous Black Boxes. She is also head of the Black and Hispanic Student Association (BaHSA) and a senior advisor to Cafe. 

Mudry played for Varsity Football and Boys JV Lacrosse. He is co-head of the school’s male a capella group, Bluenotes. 

What are some of the obstacles that you have had to overcome as All-School Presidents this year?

Richie Mamam Nbiba ’23: For me, it was probably navigating expectations. For example, if things don’t go perfectly, it can fall on you, whether it’s your fault or not. I’ve had to learn how to take responsibility, while also understanding that I’m a student just like everyone else at the end of the day and things aren’t going to go perfectly. Even if I receive a lot of negative feedback, I have learned not to take it personally.

Chris Mudry ’23: Other than Upper-mid class council, this was my first time having any major leadership position. I went from no leadership position to being president of the school. It was also difficult navigating expectations, as Richie said. 

What accomplishments are you most proud of this year?

RMN: There were a lot of policies changed, such as the attendance policy and the drug and alcohol policy. While all of that wasn’t necessarily our doing, I think we definitely helped navigate communication between the administration and students in regards to those topics. 

After so much change happened last year, it wasn’t our goal to come in and change huge policies. I think we focused more on impacting the tone of the student body and helping Hotchkiss be a more positive and enjoyable place.

CM: I know that at the start of the year, a word the administrators were talking about was reengagement, and I think we succeeded in that. As a school, I saw higher spirits this year, and in general, a community more willing to show up to things and be there for each other. 

What is one thing that you have learned while being an All-school president?

RMN: This position has made me so much more open to people. I’ve learned how much of a difference smiling at somebody in the hallway can make, and I am more inclined to do it now. Even to people I don’t know, I’m inclined to say hello, give a wave, or spark a conversation. This position has helped my ability to create relationships with people.

CM: I’ve learned a lot about leadership and the school in general. This position has brought me out of my shell a ton — not that I was ever particularly shy — but being able to connect and talk with everyone has been a super-rewarding part of being All-School president. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to next year’s All-School Presidents, Anji Ashaye ’24 and Jacquo Pierre ’24?

CM: We’ve talked a lot with Jacquo and Anji about some of the struggles we mentioned, like navigating expectations. My advice would be to be open and communicative with everyone, the students and the administrators, about how you’re feeling. 

If they have some great ideas, I would tell them to get on that early, but my greatest tip for them is just to talk to as many administrators as possible about issues and to surface their ideas and get them out there and people will help along the way.

RMN: When it comes to wanting to do everything, you’re going to have the opportunity to try and create as much as you want here in terms of all-school events and challenging policy. Sometimes it’s going to work and sometimes it isn’t; you have to accept that it’s not going to always work. 

There are going to be moments where you are thinking: “Am I doing enough?” “Am I not doing enough?” At the end of the day, your presence and commitment to the school is already a success. I think the job isn’t about necessarily getting everything done, but it’s about always trying to get something done.

Who has helped you navigate this year as All-school presidents that you are grateful for?

CM: Firstly, I think Sydney Goldstein ’22, our last All-school president, helped prepare us for what we were going to face. She spent a lot of time with us in the final months of her time here. I am super-appreciative for her. 

I could list of a ton of people, but that would take forever, but my advisor Mrs. Carrie Smith, [instructor in human development], helped me a ton. If I was ever feeling like I wasn’t doing enough, she was always there for me. Richie as well, of course, and also the administration and the deans. 

RMN: I think my friends and my advisor Mr. Rick Hazelton, [director of the Center for Global Understanding and Independent Thinking]. 

There were lots of moments where it was easy to get lost in the position and sometimes you need to get pulled out by the people around you. I think everyone around me helped pull me out of those moments a little bit. 

Also Mrs. Lisa Brown, [chief of staff to the head of school] and Mrs. Marcie Wistar, [director of student activities] made this so much easier. The two of them plan so far ahead and are always there to give me reminders and keep me grounded. 

For example, whenever I’m walking down the main hallway I’ll stop into Mrs. Brown’s office to pester her and she never gets annoyed. She helps me through it. 

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