Varsity Sailing Gears Up for First Post-Pandemic Season

As the weather continues to get warmer in Lakeville, the Sailing team has returned to Lake Wononskopomuc in full force. Last year, seven members including captains Chapman Petersen ’22 and Jeb Bechtel ’22 qualified for Nationals, and the team finished in 10th place nationwide. This year, the team has its goals set even higher.

The Sailing team’s season began over spring break, when the team traveled to Fort Lauderdale together, getting in eight hours on the water every day for a whole week. The team ran daily practices and drills, and gained valuable experience by racing a local high school, St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Co-captain Sophie Davis ’22 said, “With so many new people on the team and many of them never having sailed certain boats before, it allowed for a good transition time before we get into a super competitive mode where we focus more on regattas.”

The team has a current record of 8-1, and have numerous regattas to come. In addition to a returning lineup with great experience, there are many new players who have infused the team with new energy. Oscar Emus ’23 said, “We have new members of the team who have great potential to compete for the New England and Nation Title. Just to name a few, preps Fynn Olsen ’25, Pierce Olsen ’25, and Samara Walshe ’25 among many others have brought great energy and skill to practice and regattas.” Co-captain Chapman Peterson ’22 added, “We have a lot of talent on the team, we just need some more time and experience.”

As the season progresses, the Sailing team is determined to bring home the New England Championship title and have their eyes set on winning Nationals.

Chapman Petersen ’22 and Kate Moran ’23 sail during the 2021 season.