Tiger Woods Makes Return to Masters, Drawing Crowds


Shannon McGee

Woods prepares for an important putt at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia.

Returning from a car crash last February, Tiger Woods made his grand return to the 2022 Masters. Golf fans around the world swarmed to Augusta, Georgia to perhaps watch the former champion rise again to glory. Woods is possibly the sport’s most influential athlete and his iconic Sun- day red is noticeable anywhere on the golf course. After his struggles with prescription medication, his 5th Master win in 2019 was a defining moment of his career. Even during his practice rounds, fans gathered around the tee box as if the hole was the real deal. However, while Woods managed to make the cut at Augusta National for four days, he ended with 47th place finish and score of 6 over par.

Woods has had numerous back injuries throughout the majority of his career. Multiple injuries and five surgeries have shaped his spine so much that it has become a major liability in his golf game. In addition, the car crash last February injured his right leg and even mentions that he was very lucky to come out of the accident with a right leg at all. His first swing video on social media as well as his performance in the PNC tournament showed that perhaps a 6th green jacket was possible.

Fast forward to Augusta and his practice games seemed on point, making birdies and pars, playing how he had always played. He finished the first day with a score of -1. This was quite a promising look, however, Woods finished with an under- whelming score of 13 over. Of course, this is completely understandable and perhaps can even be praised for surviving the tournament all four days. Perhaps fans around the world were just happy to see a veteran of the game play at one of the sport’s most coveted tournaments. Woods’ return is undoubtedly a great boon to the sport of golf as a whole.

But what does this mean for golf? Could Woods perhaps make it to the top again? Woods doesn’t have his youthful strength and body to perhaps handle the rigors of the course, at least professionally. Constantly playing the game to perfection and trying to win over and over again at the highest level can be difficult for such an individual who has gone through so much. However, Woods’ impact will still be in the game. He revolutionized the sport, turning golf into something deemed as for old folks to a much younger audience. His impact could be compared to Jackie Robinson, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali. He is the greatest golfer of all time, and will be remembered that way. Perhaps Woods will continue to make appearances at major tournaments, but a full time career doesn’t seem to be something in his future. Either way, Woods will be remembered for revolutionizing the sport of golf forever.