St. Luke’s Blood Drive Returns to Campus after Three-Year Hiatus


Dasha Post '23

Dozens of students participated in St. Luke’s Society’s annual Polar Plunge.

The St. Luke’s Society’s annual blood drive will return to campus on April 18, ending a three-year long hiatus of the event due to Covid-19. The drive’s reinstatement comes amid a nationwide shortage of blood, amplifying the urgency for many students to donate.

The Red Cross Blood Drive seeks donations from students 17 years or older. During an All-School meeting, St. Luke’s organizers encouraged eligible students and faculty members to consider donating. 

Each person can donate one pint of blood, which could save up to three lives. St. Luke’s hopes to receive 53 pints of blood. A strong turnout is essential, as blood storages have been depleted as a result of the pandemic. During periods of quarantine, many people delayed seeking medical treatment and are now suffering from more advanced disease, causing an increased need for blood donations. Jason Shan, a head of St. Luke’s said, “Especially because of Covid, the blood supply in our community is incredibly low. Having all eligible students at Hotchkiss donate blood to the blood drive would have more of an impact than ever before and is an amazing opportunity for students to give back to this community.”

St. Luke’s also hosted the annual Polar Plunge on April 10. Students who signed up to participate gathered on Elfers Patio at 12:30 p.m. and proceeded down to the beach front to rush into the near-freezing waters of Lake Wononscopomuc. Afterwards, students enjoyed a bonfire, s’mores, and hot chocolate.

The Polar Plunge is a fundraiser for the Jane Lloyd Fund, a local nonprofit founded in the memory of Jane Lloyd, who passed away from cancer. The fund provides financial support to cancer patients for medical bills and living expenses. Kiki Henry ’22, a St. Luke’s board member who helped organize the event, said, “Not only does it bring the community together through doing something challenging, but it also raises money for the Jane Lloyd Fund, a foundation that is essential to the community.”