Owen Zinn-Keane ’22 Crushes the Competition



Zinn-Keane competing in a Cross Country meet in 2021.

Owen Zinn-Keane ’22 is a three-year Senior and co-captain of the Boys Varsi- ty Track and Field team. During the fall season, Zinn-Keane also ran for the Boys Varsity Cross Country team. Co-captain Huck Whittemore ’22 said, “Owen is a great leader to have around on the team. He leads by example and can always make the team laugh. He works hard and everyone on the team wants to rep- licate that. He pushes me in practice and never gets complacent.”

How long have you been a member of the Boys Varsity Track team?

I’ve been running track since seventh grade, but I came into Hotchkiss as a new Lower Mid. So, I haven’t experienced a real season at Hotchkiss be- cause of the pandemic. The other captains, younger guys on the team, and I are really excited for this spring season with a full schedule.

How were you introduced to Track?

My dad was a pretty big-time runner back in the day, however, he didn’t push it on me. I played soccer and baseball in elementary school, but when I made it to middle school I decided to make the change. I’m really glad I did because I’ve loved it ever since.

What motivates you?

I know for the Cross Country team, we’ve been working so hard for so long, and we placed second against Loomis at the Founders League meet. Coming into my Senior year, our team went all in this season and luckily we won at Founders. That was a big moment and we all motivated each other to achieve this goal. I’m going into the track season with a similar goal. Following what we did in the fall, I want to have fun and win in the last season of my career here.

What do you love most about the Boys Varsity Track team?

I would say meeting people you don’t really see throughout the day, especially the younger people on the team. Our team is extremely close this year in comparison to years past, which has been an amazing part of Hotchkiss for me. Just always having that fun team environment you can rely on when you’re on the track and off of it. I’m glad for those relationships because it makes the season much more fun.

What has been your greatest challenge as a runner for the Hotchkiss Track team and how did you overcome it?

My greatest challenge would probably be not running in a real track season since my freshman year at my

old school, which is pretty crazy considering I’ve been here for three years and am now a captain. It’s just a real- ly unique experience. Staying focused, putting in the work, and continuing to train even when there’s not a meet in sight has been hard. However, I’m so glad that I have been because now we actually have a real season. It’s going to be fun to compete and showcase all of our work.

How has Hotchkiss supported you as a runner?

My Lower Mid year, we were all sent home because of the pandemic but our coaches still had fun training events for us to do at home. It was hard, but it gave me something to do while away from campus. Last year, our coaches made it really possible for us to improve with virtual meets. Our coaches have definitely been with us all this time, and I’m thankful for how they handled the pandemic situation. I also want to shout-out Mr. Pierre Yoo; he was a big reason why I really ended up liking Hotchkiss when I first came, and he’s just always been there for me. It’s gratifying to go out there and make him proud.

Is there a particular highlight or favorite moment from your time as a member of the Boys Varsity Track team?

Last year, I was close with a few seniors on the team. Although it was a virtual meet, it was a lot of fun to run with them one last time before they graduated be- cause I knew I was never going to see them again. It’s nice to cherish those relationships with the Seniors. I’m hoping that I can do the same at the end of this year.

Any advice for current or future Hotchkiss runners?

We have some really talented young guys on the team that I have had the chance to run with for at least a year or two. They are great people, and I know they will eventually become great captains and leaders when it is their time. Running is all about trusting the pro- cess and continuing to put in the work because over time it really makes a difference. I just hope they enjoy their experience like I have over the last three years.