Jordyn Harrison ’22 Commands on the Court and the Field


Dasha Post '23

Jordyn Harrison ’22 dribbles down the court.

Jordyn Harrison ’22 is a four-year Senior and captain of Girls Varsity Basketball. She is also a member of the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team and plans to continue her lacrosse career at the University of Richmond. Teammate Mimi Emswiler ’24 said “Jordyn is a role model both on and off the court as she leads the team with positivity and passion. She supports everyone and is someone who my teammates and I will always look up to.”

How has your season been?

We’ve had a pretty successful season compared to seasons before Covid.  We have a really strong chance of making the playoffs. We’re in Ninth place right now and the top 18 teams make the playoffs.  We have also beat and come close to beating a lot of high-level double-A and A teams, so that’s pretty exciting.

What would making the playoffs mean for the team and the program?

I think it would mean a lot for the girl’s basketball program because it hasn’t won a Founders League championship since 2013. They’ve been building up to it for a couple of years now.

What inspired you to be a captain?

Honestly, it really started when I saw the girls who were captains during my Prep and Lower Mid year. They were like older sisters to me and always made me feel welcome, so I wanted to be like that for the younger girls now. But also, I think it’s just fun having girls who look up to you and want to  get better and learn from you.

As a dual-sport athlete, how do you find the balance between competing offseasons and teams?

I previously did dynamic in the fall, but this year I thought it would be fun to manage with one of my best friends, which was a super fun experience. But it hasn’t been an easy balance. The coaches help me manage it. They’re super positive and approachable when I’m struggling to spend time on one sport versus the other. But they love the fact that I play both sports because they translate into one another.

What advice would you give to girls that are hoping to join the varsity team or be captains next year?

I would say just give it your everything. Put all your eggs in the basket because I think it’s definitely worth it. I put a lot of time and effort into the team over my four years and I don’t have any regrets. I think I would regret it if I was to stay quiet and not stand up during times when I think things should have been said because I think that was a big part of taking on the captain role. You have to speak up for things when you know something’s wrong. So that’s the leadership aspect. For girls who wanna just play and try out, I think just give it your best shot and don’t be scared. Come in with confidence and you’ll play with confidence and be successful.