St. Luke’s Hosts Soccer Tournament

On the evening of February 18, teams of students will compete head-to-head in the St. Luke’s Soccer Tournament, an annual fundraiser for the local community. The tournament will take place in the Mars Athletic Center (MAC) Fieldhouse, where there will also be a student-run bake sale. The tournament raises money by asking all participants to donate $5.

In the past five years, the money raised from the St. Luke’s Soccer Tournament went towards funding after-school programs and purchasing sports equipment for the Northeast Community Center (NECC) in Millerton, New York. 

This year, however, St. Luke’s will direct their funds to Mrs. Emma McKenna, a teacher at the Cynthia White Children’s Center whose husband passed away in a tragic car accident on Monday, February 7. Rebekah Oppenheimer ’24, a board member of St. Luke’s who is organizing the tournament, said, “We were all so devastated after hearing about the tragic passing of Mrs. McKenna’s husband that we wanted to be able to help in some way. By donating the proceeds of the St. Luke’s soccer tournament to Mrs. McKenna and her family, we will be able to make a tangible impact on a family in the Hotchkiss community and hopefully be of some help to Mrs. McKenna and her daughters during this difficult time.”

On February 13, St. Luke’s sent out an all-school announcement about the tournament signup details. Students have been able to sign up as teams throughout the past week.