Historical Timeline of the Hotchkiss Auditorium



Newly renovated Walker Auditorium in 2022

1967- Walker Auditorium was designed and built with a donation from Shaw Walker ’33, P’81,’83,’86,’87. It was completed in March of 1968, and the first HDA play to open was Stalag 17 in April.

1968 May 2- “James Dickey, a well known contemporary poet, [conducted] a two day visit to [the] Hotchkiss [community]”

1968 May 3- “William Buckley, noted conservative, spoke on debated student responsibility, in the Hotchkiss auditorium.”

1969 January 14- Ten day program surrounding urban affairs ended with Channing Philips, head of the urban development corporation in Washington, D.C., “spoke to an overflow auditorium crowd”

1972 February 24 – Senator Eugene McCarthy (D-MN) spoke to the community about the country’s growth, power, priorities, and the “inadequacy of the constitution, written almost two hundred years ago”

2020 March- 2022 Feburary- Walker underwent a major renovation for an extended stage, better lighting, improved soundbooth with better sound technology, stage wings connecting to audience seating, new green rooms and dressing rooms, and new seating with a new arrangement. Mamma Mia was only possible with the new Walker auditorium as Walker was originally designed to be an auditorium and not a theater.