Athlete of the Issue: Chuck Kerrigan ’22


David Xiao ’23

Chuck Kerrigan ’22 skates down the ice.

Chuck Kerrigan ’22 is a four-year Senior from Vermont and a four-year team member and co-captain of the Boys Varsity Hockey team. Teammate Shayne Bjorn ’23 said, “Since my time at Hotchkiss, Chuck has always been a role model I can look up to. Chuck’s greatest quality is that he’s a great leader and teammate on the ice, but also a great friend off the ice. He displays his work ethic during every practice and shows his passion for the sport.”

What challenges has the team faced this season and how have you adjusted?

We entered the season with only three Seniors who have played since their Prep year, so it took some time to get everyone on the same page and teach them the basics, such as our usual drills and plays. Developing a team culture where everyone is close friends with each other has also been challenging for us. We’ve organized many team events to try to create a deeper bond within the team.

What is your advice for young aspiring players?

My advice is to work every day. All you can do is show up, work, and do your job with the hope that everyone else will do theirs as well. Our coaches are interested in persistent players who can give the game their all. 

What’s your most memorable moment with the team?

My most memorable moment is the 7-1 victory against Salisbury during my Prep year. I was new to the team and didn’t really know much about the culture here, but earning that win and seeing the support from the student body is the highlight of my four years here.

How have you changed as a player during your four years here?

I’ve matured a lot as a player since I arrived. I was just trying to make the team by playing high-quality hockey, but I didn’t realize how much extra work I had to put in to reset after a loss or mistake. I used to always scrutinize myself and let my emotions take control of me; I’ve improved at controlling my reactions during games for the past four years.

What are your goals for the season and plans for the future?

In the future, I plan to play hockey at the collegiate level. However, I’m considering taking a gap year after graduation to work on my skills and improve even further. For the rest of the current season, my goal is to just have fun and create memories that I can savor. We haven’t had the best season in terms of our record, but it’s my last season with the team. I’m close with all these guys, and I love them to death. They’re my brothers, so I hope we can end the season strongly.

What are your thoughts on the future of Hotchkiss hockey?

I think there’s a bright future for the team. There’s a really good core group of aspiring young players who support each other, work hard, and have all the right tools to succeed. If they can continue to push the pace and keep encouraging others to join, I think the quality of the team is only going to improve from here. Unfortunately, missing last year’s season due to the pandemic has required us to do a reset, but I have all the confidence in the world for our aspiring players.