Meet Calliope and Bluenotes

Calliope and Bluenotes are the school’s two a cappella groups, each consisting of approximately 20 singers. Calliope is all-female while Bluenotes is all-male. Both groups hold auditions during the beginning of the school year to select new members. 


Hannah Biccard ’22 is a three-year Senior and co-head of Calliope.

What is your favorite part about Calliope?

I would definitely say the people. Anyone can audition for Calliope, and for people like me who have a large sports commitment at school, Calliope gives me an area where I can meet different people. Everyone in Calliope is passionate about singing, so we all share that same love for music.

When will Calliope be performing next?

We are planning to do a winter performance when we get back to school after the Winter break. I arranged a really exciting piece that is joined with Bluenotes, which we will most likely be singing in our upcoming performances.


Grace Keefe ’22 is a three-year Senior and a co-head of Calliope.

What motivates you to keep singing and exploring music?

I have been singing ever since I was a child. Growing up, I sang in churches and school choirs. I got into a cappella when the choir at my previous school arranged, practiced, and performed pieces for concerts. Whenever I listen to an a cappella performance, it gives me chills because the harmonies and mix of sounds are so incredible.


Jaidyn Hurst ’23 is a three-year Upper Mid and co-head of Calliope.

What are some challenges that you have encountered in Calliope?

Nerves were one main challenge for me in the beginning since my Prep year was trying a cappella for the first time. It was also challenging to exit the COVID-19 mindset and return to normalcy this year. We didn’t meet in person last year, and all of our events were virtual. We simply recorded our parts and sent them in. Only a few of us were here before the pandemic when we had an in-person rehearsal, so returning and transitioning back into a routine e has been a bit challenging.

How are performances for Calliope prepared? What’s your job in the preparation process as a co-head?

We meet twice a week for an hour to an hour and a half and we go over the parts and teach the music to the other members of Calliope. We’ll play each person’s part and we will also have recordings to send out for everyone to listen to. Afterward, we will start putting the songs together and start singing together. Lastly, we will audition for solos and the whole song will come together. 


Chris Mudry ’23 is a three-year Upper Mid and a co-head of Bluenotes.

What motivates you to keep singing and exploring music?

I love being part of a group that all love to sing, and that’s why I also choose to be in Chorus as an Upper Mid. I didn’t get many chances to participate in vocal groups in my old school, so I decided to go for it here at Hotchkiss. I took the risk and auditioned for Bluenotes, and I luckily made it. Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed singing, especially in a group full of passionate singers.

What is your favorite part about Bluenotes?

My favorite part would definitely be the serenades that take place during Valentine’s Day. We send out a form and people can tell us to surprise a person of their choice with a serenade. It can be a teacher or student or anyone they have in mind at Hotchkiss. It’s a really fun time for everyone and that’s the best time for people to get a taste of what Bluenotes is truly like.

Emiliano Leal ’23 is a three-year Upper Mid and a co-head of Bluenotes.

How are performances for Bluenotes prepared? What’s your job in the preparation process as a Head?

First, we find arrangements of songs. Obviously, there are songs that we like, but we try to choose pieces that are suitable for the group. We definitely need to create the arrangements of the songs so it’s adapted for an a cappella performance. We work with everyone in the club who wants or knows how to arrange music to arrange the songs for the whole group. Then we split up and teach everyone their parts.