Buddhism Club Welcomes Speaker


On October 27, Buddhism Club invited Mr. Stephen Brown, managing attorney at the law office of Stephen S. Brown, LLC, and a devout Buddhist, to share his experiences with the community. In his talk, he spoke about the history of Buddhism, his studies as a foreigner in South Asia, how Buddhist teachings can help young people, as well as the importance of finding serenity through meditation. 

This club was newly established this year, headed by Simon Lian ’22. He founded this club for both students and faculty to interact and explore Buddhist philosophies within the modern context. Anyone can learn from the philosophies of Buddhism, and as a club centered around both philosophy and religion, it’s emphasized that all are welcome to join, regardless of faith. 

Mr. Brown became the standout candidate because of his diverse background. He was a professional musician as a teenager, and after high school became a traveling guitarist in the calypso band, Chakra Y Su Calypso Caliente. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from both Berklee School of Music and UMass School of Law. Mr. Brown  spent several years studying  in Tibet with masters like Chatral Rinpoche. He demonstrates that anyone from any background can find comfort and direction in Buddhist teachings. 

During his talk, Mr. Brown emphasized the importance of teenagers learning more about Buddhism. “The [Buddhist] teachings of love and compassion is really what the world needs right now.”

Celina Wang ’22, board member of the Buddhism club, attended Mr. Brown’s talk. She’s grown up familiar with Buddhist teachings, and she said, “[my] biggest takeaway from the talk was about being a good person in general. Since Buddhism addresses how you plant the seeds for  what you will receive in the future, being a nice person and having a good sense of morality will guarantee a happy life.” 

Mr. Brown recommends watching YouTube videos online for those that want to begin learning about the teachings of Buddhism. Buddhist content creators such as Doug’s Dharma and Vishuddha Das Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche post short, guided meditations as well as introductory videos on Buddhism. 

In the following months, Buddhism Club hopes to co-host events with the other affinity clubs on campus.