Students Perform Outside the Box

On Wednesday October 13, the Hotchkiss Drama Association (HDA) continued to perform with the theme “Outside the Box” as they put together the second Black Box of the year.  Located in Main Circle during 9-10 pm, this month’s Black Boxes featured three student-led plays: Saguaro, Bake Off, and Trudy, Carolyn, Regina& Martha Go to Outer Space and Have an Absolutely Terrible Time There. 

To prepare for the Black Boxes, the HDA board including Kate Moran ’23, Keala Henry ’22, and Torrin Murray ’22, and the directors including Keala Henry ’22, Zach Scrima ’22, and Samarth Rastogi ’22 began planning three weeks before the performance.  Preparation includes auditions, casting, and rehearsals, which can require multiple hours per week. The production involves similar preparation for a bigger show like learning lines and stage direction, however, it is much less intensive and designed so students with other extracurricular commitments can participate. 

Apart from increased challenges in lightning and set up due to the movement of the shows to outside, HDA hopes audience size will increase once moved back to the Black Box. Moran said, “I remember my prep year going out at 10 and looking at just the line that extended all the way down to the post office from the lockbox. Bringing that excitement after a covid year [is] super important to everyone on the board.” The HDA board will continue to bring back this culture of high student excitement and energy around these shows. 

Anyone interested in acting, directing, stage managing, lighting, or tech regardless of experience is encouraged to attend the auditions scheduled in November for the November BlackBox.