Squash Travels to UPenn

Filled with energy on October 2, the Boys and Girls Varsity Squash teams gathered their gear and embarked on a trip to Philadelphia. The trip served as a dual-purpose opportunity; not only did the players get to watch the US Open, one of the most competitive squash tournaments in the world, they also practiced at the esteemed squash facilities at the University of Pennsylvania. The players took part in a mini tournament in preparation for a friendly competition against Episcopal, which it won 14-10.

After resting Saturday night, the teams fueled up with Shake Shack and boba before heading to watch The US Open at the Arlen Specter center in Philadelphia. Standout names included the men’s #1 and #2 seeds, as well as professional players Amanda Soby and Olivia Fiechter, who later came and played an exhibition at the school. Watching and interacting with experts allowed the players to focus on improving their own form in a much more tangible way. Kate Chou ’25 said, “After watching the exhibition between Amanda Soby and Olivia Fiechter, I learned new strategies and techniques for controlling the ball and taking volleys.”

Boys and Girls Varsity Squash continue to practice in the Fall Squash concentration.