Artist of the Issue: Aurora Smedvig ’22


Annie Xu ’22

Aurora Smedvig ’22 works on her paintings in the Art Studio.

Aurora Smedvig ’22, a four-year Senior from West Stockbridge, MA is a four-year Studio Art student, a board member of the Art Club, and also a head of the Dance Club.


What motivates you to keep pursuing art?

Studio Art is a really fun class. It almost feels like a meditation during the middle of the day. I have always been involved in the arts. However, since I stopped pursuing dance as an academic course, I wanted to pursue another art form and turned to Studio Art.


How has the school helped you grow as an artist?

The structure of the humanities art courses during my Prep and Lower Mid years has prepared me well for more advanced studio art classes. We usually spend a lot of time thinking critically about both our peers’ and our own work. The art instructors here are also very supportive. They want to see you succeed and help you to improve both your art and your mindset as an artist. 


Which of your pieces are you proudest of or has had the biggest impact on you? 

I am proud of the pieces I did during Upper Mid year on social activism, in particular, on women’s rights and COVID-19. Incorporating modern issues and my understanding of them in my artworks help me find meaning during the artistic process. 


What is your favorite medium to work with? 

Recently I have been enjoying using acrylic paint and graphite. The only problem with graphite is that it is very time-consuming.


What advice would you give to younger students who want to pursue art?

Art comes more naturally as you continue to engage in the process. It will teach you to notice and appreciate the smaller things in life that you would not normally see.