The Record Honors Departing Staff and Faculty

This year, the school community bids farewell to over 25 faculty and staff members. In total, the departing faculty and staff have served for over 300 years at Hotchkiss, working in departments ranging from the College Advising Office to Housekeeping. Among these are Robert H. Wood, who has worked for 46 years as a housekeeper, Betty Logan, who has worked for 35 years as an assistant to the athletic directors, Robert Couture, who has worked for 30 years as the supervisor of painting, and Lisa Luminati, who has worked for 24 years as a housekeeper.


Departing Staff

Robert H. Wood, Housekeeper – 46 years

Betty Logan, Assistant to the Athletic Directors – 35 years

Robert Couture, Supervisor of Painting – 30 years

Lisa Luminati, Housekeeper – 24 years

Kathy Trahan, Assistant Director of Prospect Management & Research – 15 years

JoAnne Lakin, Assistant to the College Advising Office – 14 years

Diane Shippa-Paden, Housekeeper – 13 years

Linda Palano-Schilling, Director of CWCC – 12 years

Lawrence Murphy, Housekeeper – 11 years

Kerry Mosher, Admission Visit Coordinator – 9 years

Mark Hartwell, Housekeeper – 6 years

Ellie Youngblood, Farm Manager – 6 years

Departing Faculty

Jonathon Wilson, Mental Health Counselor – 21 years

Marcus Olson, Instructor in Theatre – 10 years

Susan Park, Instructor in Biology – 10 years

Amy Rasner Clulow, Director of Multicultural Outreach & Senior Associate Director of Admission – 10 years

Jared Hall, Dean of Academic Life, Instructor in Humanities & History – 6 years

Marcus Christian, Instructor in English, Assistant Director of Recruitment – 5 years

Diane Dillion, Mental Health Counselor – 5 years

Deborah Lang, Instructor in English – 5 years

Catherine O’Kelly, Instructor in Classic Guitar – 4 years

Nora Yasumura, Prep Class Dean & Director of Student Clubs and Affinity Groups – 4 years

Sara Demarsilis, Instructor in Chemistry – 3 years

Augusta Nau, Teaching Fellow – 2 years

Lei Pan, Instructor in Chinese – 2 years