AOI: Cyrus Farman-Farmaian ’21



Cyrus training last summer.

Cyrus Farman-Farmaian ’21 is a four-year Senior and member of the Varsity Rowing team. Next year, Farman-Farmaian will row for Georgetown University. Teammate Nani Veluchamy ’22 said, “Cyrus is a natural rower and a natural leader. He understands the mechanics of the sport really well and always shows up to practice with a smile on his face. Training with him this spring has been a pleasure, and I’m looking forward to what he and our boat can do at Nationals.”


What do you like best about rowing on the team?

The best part is working together with the guys in my boat. One of the most important parts of a successful boat is that the rowers are all in sync. For that to be the case, the rowers have to know each other on and off the water. I am really close with my teammates, and being able to sync up with them in the boat and send it fast and straight across Lake Wononscopomuc is the best part. 


What has inspired you during your time on the rowing team and why?

The fact that our team is making history as the first Hotchkiss rowing team is inspiring to me. In 2017, when I asked about rowing here, I was told I could row with Berkshire’s team. I kept asking, kept pushing, and eventually convinced enough people that it was a good idea to create a team, so we did just that in the spring of 2018. Almost everything we do is a first for rowing at Hotchkiss, and the idea that we are paving the way for what I am sure will be a dominant team in the future inspires me all the time. 


What advice would you give to current and future Hotchkiss students?

Throw yourself into this place. What you give to it is what you will get from it. 


What is a favorite memory of Hotchkiss rowing?

My favorite is most likely being in the first Hotchkiss boat to ever compete. We took an eight [seat boat] to a race called the Head of The Fish in October of 2019, which marked Hotchkiss’s inaugural regatta. It was pretty incredible being a part of history, knowing that a year before no rowing team even existed. 


How do you think the school has helped you improve as an athlete during your time here?

I have to thank every coach who has been a part of the rowing program since we started it two years ago, but in particular Coach Victoria McGee. She has helped me improve so much as a person and as a rower. Having such a good relationship with my coach is something I am very grateful for and has definitely contributed to our program’s early success.