Seniors Perform in Talent Show


Ella Anthony ’21 performs in front of the crowd

Have you ever wanted to see Craig Bradley, head of school, sing “Party in the USA” or “Old Town Road” in carpool karaoke? Jon Coffy ’21, Aidan Rodgers ’21, Langston Harris ’21, Max Jennings ’21, and Michael Leon ’21 got to do just that in a video shown at the Senior Talent Show on May 15.

The Class of 2021 hosted the show on Harris House Lawn in two viewings – for Preps and Lower Mids at 8:30 p.m. and Upper Mids and Seniors at 9:30 p.m. Luke Gardiner ’21, Senior class president and primary organizer of the show, said, “The outside setting obviously made [the event] super-safe, but it was also fun to have all the lights, the stage, and the energy [outdoors] on such a beautiful night. ” 

The show included a lively rapport between hosts Julian Leonhardt ’21 and Brian Haywood ’21, comedic skits, musical performances, and more. Many of the videos were originally made for last year’s Upper Mid Revue, which was canceled because of COVID-19. Ashley Williams ’21, head of Calliope, and Mwicigi Wainaina ’21 performed “Good Old Days” by Macklemore. Chris Tolis ’21, Royce Shey ’21, Clara Preisig ’21 and Abby Powell ’21 performed in a skit about the school’s tours that highlighted campus quirks and inside jokes. Co-heads of Bluenotes, Gunnar Overstrom ’21 and Alex Du ’21, performed Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” as a duet. The duo has been singing together since their Lower-Mid year. Du said, “We have sung together a lot of times both in and outside of Bluenotes, so we understand each other’s voices, and that is really helpful for performances.”

Many Upper Mids who attended are looking forward to their own talent show next year. Rena Peng 22 said, “I have heard a lot of chatter about next year and what people want to do. I might do an instrumental performance with my friend.” Eliza Dana 22 said, “[Since] we didn’t have one last year, the show this year made me excited for [my Senior year]. I think we will definitely bring the energy when our time here is coming to an end.”