Computer Science Club Showcases Student Programming

Are you a programmer looking to share your work? Do you want to connect with other avid coders? The Computer Science Club is providing an opportunity to do just that with its monthly project initiative.

The Computer Science Club is dedicated to supporting students interested in programming and software development. Under its former name, the App Club, the group focused on creating applications for Apple operating systems (such as iOS) with their programming language, Swift. However, the club has changed its name to reflect its expanded focus. Alex Du ’21, a co-head of the club, said, “We started realizing that there’s so much more to programming than just [Swift], so we felt that we needed to branch out and have a club for programming as a whole.”

The first monthly project showcase took place on April 24 in the Faculty Lounge. Community members were invited to observe the presentation of projects or to share their own. Alex Repikov ’23 presented a program that computed every prime factor of a given positive integer in fractions of a second. Leo Wang ’24 created a speech synthesizer that read out trivia questions to prepare students for the Bow Tie Bowl. Du said, “I am really happy that we’re holding these events – and hopefully they can keep happening – because I know a lot of talented programmers on this campus and a lot of their work goes unnoticed. So, I’m really hoping that this kickstarts a programming revolution [and] that people around campus are getting a lot more love for what they do.”

Students are encouraged to explore the Computer Science Club’s website or join the club using this form.