Ultimate Frisbee Victorious Against Choate


Matthijs Van Mierlo

The Varsity Ultimate team

Although inter-school competitions for Varsity Ultimate Frisbee have been limited exclusively to playing against Choate Rosemary Hall, the team made a strong start to its season with two wins (15-4 and 13-1) on March 17th. 

With 3 New England Championships (2009, 2015, 2019), 2 CT State Championships (2015, 2018), and a 234-70 record since 2007, the team’s win was not unexpected. Head Coaches Eric Stone and David Thompson hope to schedule another game against Choate on either May 1 or 8, with a third game set for May 15. 

Both Varsity and JV Ultimate have adapted to limited competition by including more intra-squad competitions. The JV and Varsity teams have split into four teams, which scrimmage with each other every Wednesday. On Friday, May 21, they will hold a four-team tournament under the lights, with spectators welcome. Co-captain Michael Zhang ’21 said, “Without [games], it’s [challenging] to generate that same competitiveness.With the COVID situation, we have the opportunity to pivot to viewing this kind of competition within ourselves as something fun, but also a chance to build on [our joint] community.” 

The Ultimate program has worked to recruit and support female-identifying players. The school’s program currently has a record-breaking 14 female players on the Varsity and JV roster. The team’s culture focuses heavily on the transfer of team identity and skill from older to younger players, and this spring is especially critical after last year’s canceled season. The team consists of a number of returning Seniors, and more than half are new players. Emiliano Leal ’23, a new player, said,“It’s a pretty easy sport to pick up. And it feels like a good community.”