Athlete of the Issue: Max Beckwith ’21


Izhaar Rosa '22

Beckwith hits a backhand on the courts this spring.

Max Beckwith ’21 is a three-year Senior and co-captain of the Boys Varsity Tennis team. Next year, Beckwith will play tennis for Haverford College. Co-captain Jerry Qiao ’22 said, “Outside of his undefeated singles record and signature trick shots, Max has contributed so much to the program through his work ethic, leadership, and relentless positivity. It’s truly an honor to be his teammate.”


What are you looking forward to most this season? 

We have two new coaches, Edgar Giffenig and Josh Smith, so building the culture is very important to me this year, especially as a captain. Our record is 3-0, and we’ve had some tough wins, but we’re still trying to create the team atmosphere and work on our mental game. We also have a large team of 16 players, so trying to get everyone on the same page for practices and our matches is important. 


What do you like best about playing on the team?

Just competing in general. I love the mental aspect of tennis. I also love playing for Hotchkiss, because our team is like a family. Even though tennis is considered an individual sport, we all come to practice with the same goal of improving every day and putting ourselves in the best position to win. I like the team atmosphere of supporting each other when we have matches and getting really fired up and ready to play. 


How do you plan on continuing tennis in the future?

Next year I’m going to Haverford College, where I’ll be playing for the tennis team. I’ve spoken with the coaches there and I’m really excited to play them at the collegiate level.  


Who has inspired you during your time on the tennis team and why?

To start, Mr. Sam King, who was the coach when I started at Hotchkiss as a Lower Mid. He was really inspirational for me when I first made the team, and he really helped in building a strong team atmosphere. He was there to make sure I got every little skill right before each match. My teammates have also inspired me along the way. Just to name a few: Cole Maura ’20, Aidan Dove ’20, and Jack Loucheim ’20 were mentors for me when I was a lowerclassman at Hotchkiss. 


What advice would you give to current and future Hotchkiss athletes?

I would advise them to take in every moment and give it your best all the time. You never really know when it’s the last time you lace up your tennis shoes or string your racquet, so you always want to go out there every day and give it your all. To compete at the highest level you can, that’s pretty much all you can ask of yourself. When I put in the most amount of effort, it’s a really rewarding experience, and people start to look up to you on the team as well if you lead by example. 


Can you talk a little about a favorite memory or a highlight from a past season?

Playing the Founder’s League Championship in 2019 against Choate. We needed to win the match to make the New England tournament. We played a lot of tough matches, but we battled it out and won on the road to make sure we got to New Englands. I think it all paid off that one day, and it was a pretty great memory – not even remembering the scores, but just to be around that group of guys was really special. 


How has it been to lead and play on the team this year?

Every day, I feel really lucky to be able to lead this team. It’s something that I looked forward to after being inspired by captains Cole Maura and Aidan Dove my Lower Mid year. Tennis is a tough game mentally and physically, so when I see kids struggling, I really enjoy trying to lift up everyone’s spirits, whether with my words or by example. It was a tough decision leaving home when I transferred schools after my freshman year, but it’s all been worth it. 


Interview has been lightly edited for clarity.