Varsity Teams Work Out on Sprole

Even though students can’t “pack the MAC” this winter for sports games, after a long break, students are eager to get back to playing sports. Coach Brodie Quinn ’10, director of athletic performance and fitness, and Ms. Robin Chandler ’87, co-director of the Athletics Department, secured permission for the Varsity Basketball and Hockey teams to work out together on Sprole Field from the COVID-19 Steering Committee. 

While on Sprole, players must follow strict protocols in order to ensure everyone’s safety when exercising. “We want to make it very clear it’s a great benefit for them, but we don’t want to have any greater exposure than anybody else in any other situation,” said Mr. Michael Hickey, head coach of Girls Varsity Basketball.

Getting back into good physical condition can be challenging at the beginning of any season and in any year, but this year presents unique challenges due to the increased length of the Winter Break. Jumping right back into intensive training after a break can lead to a higher risk of injury. “We were concerned about the intensity of these teams once we were out of quarantine and wanted to make sure we gave them as much of a conditioning base as we could,” said Ms. Chandler. 

These workouts not only focus on injury prevention but also help with strengthening and conditioning, a major component of Varsity-level practices. Mr. Yassine Talhaoui, head coach of the Boys Varsity Basketball team, said, “I envision it will result in competing at a higher level. Many players on the team will play at the collegiate level next year, so it’s really not to put them at a disadvantage as they make the transition to college-level athletics.”

While the athletic department offered the workouts to the Varsity Hockey and Basketball teams, other Varsity teams, such as Squash, Swimming, and Wrestling, did not receive any information about working out during the quarantine period.