Announcing the CXXIII Editorial Board

Dear the Hotchkiss Community,

We are excited to announce the CXXIII Editorial Board of The Hotchkiss Record. The current executive board and faculty advisors are proud of all the work done by these individuals and are confident in their ability to continue The Record’s goal of providing a platform for all voices. Please join us in congratulating the new editors.

The 123rd Editorial Board


Hannah Goldberg ’22, Kiki Henry ’22, Isabel Su ’22, and Annie Xu ’22

Managing Online Editor
Arhan Chhabra ’22

News Editors
Yihan Ding ’22 and Lauren McLane ’23

Features Editors
Sydney Goldstein ’22 and Vivian Shi ’23

Opinions Editors
Stephanie Ge ’22 and Benjamin Who ’24

Arts Editors
Shannon Meng ’22 and Amelie Zhang ’23

Sports Editors
Alex Cheng ’23, Carrie Cao ’23, and Margo Donohue ’22

Photo Editors
Izhaar Rosa ’22 and Doug Wang ’23

Layout Editor
Ein Jun ’22

Digital Media Editor
Eric Jin ’22

Digital Media Assistant
Anika Balwada ’23

Faculty Advisors
Ann Villano and Emma Wynn

Training for editors has already begun, and we hope you enjoy the upcoming issues under the CXXIII board.

Meghana Annamaneni, Connie Cao, Tina Deng, and Reece Yang
The CXXII Executive Editorial Board of The Record