Student Artwork Feature

This issue, the Arts & Leisure section features a selection of student artwork submissions highlighting elements of the visual arts curriculum, adjusting to remote learning again, and current global social issues.

A rainy corner of Hong Kong (Grace Li ’21)

“asleep” – Stephanie Ge ’22

he has malevolent eyes.

as the whites lose their color he falls



Atalia (Nicole Morikawa ’21)
Desmond (Nicole Morikawa ’21)
I am not a Target (Grace Li ’21)
Life and Time (Sam Mao ’24)

Loneliness (Yuki Zhang ’22)

sunflowers (no.1) (Megan Ho ’23)
sunflowers (no.2) (Megan Ho ’23)
The Butcher (Grace Li ’21)
The show must go on (Yihan Ding ’22)
Together we march (Grace Li ’21)
Winter reflections (Yihan Ding ’22)
Annie Dong ’23