Community Voices: November Break: A Return to the World of the Unprecedented

In April 2020, the Features editors started “Community Voices,” a subsection of Features giving contributors the freedom to submit personal vlogs, blogs, journal entries, poems, and other art addressing off-campus living during remote learning. “Community Voices” will return for remote learning this winter; The Record encourages all community members to contribute.

For me, and most others, COVID-19 has led to new habits, hobbies, and so on. Leaving campus means the return of these behaviors of mine, primarily due to the fact that at home, as an only child, I have no choice but to find a substitute for human interaction, given that my two large dogs don’t really live up to the task.


More Spotify-listening than ever

Chess playing post-The Queen’s Gambit

Some new recipes: pumpkin muffins, spicy kale chips, and more

15-hour sleeps

Brisk hikes

Sporadic piano playing

Lots of treadmill-ing (a bit chilly in CT for running outside now)

Pre-bedtime reading

Too much time spent FaceTiming

Nightly Zoom with grandparents

Driving practice