Winter Co-curriculars Adapt with Paper-Mâché, Zoom, and Masks


David Li '21

A student participates in a firing outside the studio.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the School has adopted an unprecedented schedule. The winter season this year started two weeks before Thanksgiving break. The season will begin again after students’ return in late February and will run until the end of March. 

According to Ms. Nora Yasumura, director of student clubs and affinity groups, “The changes due to COVID-19 have allowed for new alternative teams to happen, such as the Quizbowl team. Additionally, some of the co-curriculars are now online, so they can be adapted to include students that are remote. This includes The Mischianza, quizbowl, math team, dance, and HDA performance.”

Arts & Leisure reports on this year’s winter co-curriculars and how COVID-19 is creating unique opportunities and challenges.


This is the third year that Ceramics has been offered as a winter co-curricular. Students are introduced to the history and techniques of ceramics, art principles, three-dimensional design, as well as individual expression. Ms. Christine Owen, instructor in ceramics, implemented changes this season to accommodate social distancing protocols and remote learning. This year, the co-curricular is limited to eight students to comply with social distancing regulations on campus. Ms. Owen said, “Ceramics offers experience for grades to mix, support each other while gaining new skills. Students are self-motivated creating what they are interested in allowing for creative problem solving and spontaneous AHA moments unique to working with one’s hands, heart, and mind.”

Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl is both a co-curricular activity and a club this year. According to Ms. Yasumura, Quiz Bowl is supported by online resources, ideal for social distancing, and adaptable to remote circumstances. 

The new Quiz Bowl co-curricular aims to bring together students who are interested in academic competitions and to represent the school in competitions. After competing against other schools online, the team is currently ranked 37th place in the nation.”

Mr. Eric Stone, instructor in mathematics and physics, said, “It is a true team sport.The camaraderie that is developed through the hard work of preparing for and participating in these competitions helps to build strong bonds between the players. Anyone who wants to bring their own passions and strengths to Quiz Bowl can support the other players on their team, and help contribute to success. Through all of this, we build community. Isn’t that what the Hotchkiss experience is all about?”

Dance Company

While students are on campus, the Dance Company has been practicing in person, adhering to masking and social distancing guidelines in the Dance Studio. Students practice five days a week, learning ballet and modern choreography. Ms. Lynn Peterson and Ms. Allesandra Rinaldo, instructors in dance, are looking for ways to showcase that work at the end of the season. Ms. Rinaldo said,“Students look forward to expressing themselves through their artistry and movement and having the opportunity to bring dance into the community at Hotchkiss.”

Hotchkiss Dramatic Association (HDA) 

This year, HDA is transforming the winter production into a TV show. According to Mr. Derek Brashears, director of theatre, each episode of the show will feature original scripts written by students, reimagining ancient Greek theatre classics in a modern setting.

HDA plans to release the episodes daily during students’ quarantine after returning to campus in February. Even though community members cannot gather in Walker Auditorium, Mr. Brashears said, “The hope is that the daily releases can be experienced universally by folks in their dorms and homes as a welcome distraction – something completely new, never seen by anyone before. Something to look forward to.”