Lower Mids Lead Halloween Celebrations


Renée Marcellus

From left to right: Raven Hong ’22, Aster Lufkin ’23, and Kyral Ogazi ’21 pose in their halloween costumes.

Although the annual Lower Mid Halloween dance was not held due to COVID-19 restrictions, students still dressed up in crazy costumes, shot candy through PVC pipes, and ran around with pool noodles during this year’s celebrations!

The Lower Mid Class held Halloween activities on Saturday, October 31. Class Presidents Jaidyn Hurst ’23 and Jason Shan ’23 worked with eight Class Council members and Mrs. Maggie Crain, dean of the class of 2023, and Ms. Marcie Wistar, director of student activities to brainstorm ideas and plan activities. Lauren McLane ’23, Class Council member,  said, “Campus life in general this year just hasn’t been the same because of COVID-19 precautions. We really wanted Halloween to be a fun, stress-relieving time for socialization while still keeping the precautions in mind.” 

On October 31, students enjoyed three different activity stations spread out around the main campus. Activities included trick-or-treating, a costume party, and manhunt with pool noodles and glowsticks. Trick-or-treating took place in five “haunted huts” and students received candy that was shot through PVC pipes. The costume competitions gave grocery bag prizes to one winner from each grade level, and Olympian & Pythian points were awarded to the top costume from all four grades. For manhunt, the use of six-foot-long pool noodles allowed students to social distance while playing a fun game outside.  

Members of the Lower Mid class volunteered to help run the Halloween night events. This included hosting trick-or-treating for all campus children early in the evening.  Mrs. Crain emphasized, “We had many Lower Mids sign up to decorate huts, help clean up, and work a station while also being able to participate in others. It was important to have as many Lower Mids involved as possible because it was the first large event we held as an entire class.”

Although the events this year were modified due to COVID-19 restrictions, students were excited to dress up and have fun together. McLane said, “The manhunt with pool noodles was pretty fun, but in general, the opportunity for everyone to get outside and have programmed activities really helped to foster an environment where people socialized.”