BLAC Releases Fall Sampler



BLAC released its Fall 2020 sampler in October.

Whether you’re a Black artist or writer looking to submit work or an individual who appreciates student art and writing, the newly-founded Black Literature and Arts Collective magazine (BLAC) will spark your interest.

The student-run magazine was founded last summer by Sydney Jean ’23 and Alana Dowdell ’23, editors-in-chief. BLAC is affiliated with the Black Link of Independent Schools Summit (BLISS), which aims to connect Black students in independent schools. BLAC features photography, visual art, opinions, and other genres of art and literature. The magazine’s goal is to showcase Black perspectives in the boarding school community. “Hotchkiss students should learn more about the different ways in which black students choose to experience and create literature and art,” Jean said. “All the art [BLAC features] is connected to Black identity. Art represents how the artist views the world around them.” 

When starting out, Dowdell and Jean had to do significant outreach to solicit content. However, they were able to overcome these difficulties. Teenagers from a wide range of New England boarding schools helped put together the Fall Sampler and continue to work on BLAC’s Instagram and website.

In October, BLAC released the Fall 2020 sampler on its website, a short taste of the full issue forthcoming in 2021. Entitled “Phoenix From the Ashes,” the sampler includes student poetry, a feature section on Judge Cheree Buggs, opinions about Black music, and more. Jean said, “Readers can anticipate more content about successful Black professionals, Black owned businesses, fundraisers and even merchandise.”

Students interested in submitting their work to BLAC can reach out through email, Instagram, and the inquiry form (linked below).



Inquiry form

Fall 2020 Sampler

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