Artist of the Issue: Amelia Wang ’21


David Li '21

Wang performs during an Instrumental Recital in Elfers Hall.

Amelia Wang ’21 is a four-year Senior, co-head of Calliope, Triple A, and St. Luke’s Society, board member of Bluestockings, proctor, and violinist in the Orchestra. 

How has the school changed your music career?

Hotchkiss music has definitely pushed me and challenged me, especially because the repertoire that we play is really challenging. There are so many performance opportunities on campus and throughout the seasons so it gives me motivation. The resources in the arts program have also really helped me out, like Mr. Fabio Witkowski, my advisor.

Have you faced any challenges with music?

Prep year, I had a lot on my plate with other clubs and activities, and I struggled with managing my time. I wasn’t giving myself enough time for music, for working on my skills and singing. Also, sometimes it’s a little bit hard to motivate myself, because there’s so much going on, especially with school work. But Hotchkiss has helped me find out why I really appreciate music and that has really helped keep me motivated.  

How do you combine your role as a St. Luke’s head with music?

When I was getting involved with St. Luke’s my Prep year, I was really interested in the Noble Horizons program. Through this program, students visit the nearby retirement community and get to know the residents. I thought it would be a good idea to bring residents to Hotchkiss to watch student recitals and performances. Ever since then, we’ve been inviting residents to Hotchkiss for dinner and to attend recitals and performances. One of my pen pals from Nobel Horizons wrote to me saying she remembered watching me perform at a recital, and it is really meaningful to have that connection with people in the nearby Lakeville community.

Wang advises new music students to manage their time well and set aside time to practice. (David Li ’21)


What advice would you give new music students?

Manage your time well, always set aside time to practice your instrument, and keep to that schedule. Hold yourself accountable, even when it gets really challenging. If you are finding practicing boring, remember that you sound your best when you enjoy what you’re playing, so it’s always worth it.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.